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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fans Forcing Wu Chun To Stop Filming "Kindaichi Case Files".

Recently the issue over the sovereignty of Daiyou Islands has made bitter relations between Japan & China, which are also affecting the actors & actresses working in the countries.

Wu Chun recently signed for the new Drama special "Kindaichi Case Files" , that is a Japanese Drama, and started its shooting in Hong Kong. Although enough fans were there as to support the actors, but some Anti-Japanese fans ( other peoples were more I think , not fans ) turned the atmosphere bitter, that resulted in halting of shoots for some minutes.

Because the atmosphere turned out the way not expected, the arrivals were all kept secret. Still fans & other media personnel's managed to get there & turn the scene chaotic.

Chaos on Weibo
The netizens going on with Anti-Japanese comments & forwards are calling Wu Chun to stop the filming. One of them said, :" I do not liked Wu Chun's recent Drama filming, For the sake of China... I won't support it (won't see it).  Wu Chun quit it.... You bad Japanese people, do not make our Wu Chun bad. "

Fan mistakenly hit Wu Chun's face.
At the hotel, in which Chun is staying : Chun's car appeared at 10'o clock in night, Fans & media-persons swarmed around him. The guards stopped everyone from interviewing Chun. Fans approached to shake hands with their idol, one of them mistakenly hit Chun's face. But Wu Chun didn't made any expression, still smiled and went upstairs. 

All Info, as heard & read ( worldjournal.com, UDN).
Summarized & translated by: yaluncute @ Twitter   


Tonee Rhian Rose said...

Some people are just stupid! 1st Aaron gets attacked by dumb fans, then Chun. SMH (((p(>o<)q))) If you can't control yourself, just stay home!

Chizu Takashima said...

dont worry chunnie! ill support u! i do not think that politics shld get in the way of this. im very happy that wu chun is in a new drama, in any case. wu chun gambatte!!!

Andy lala said...
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Andy lala said...

Oh please, can't you just give him a break?