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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wu Chun Laughed On "Man Of God" Nickname, Bluntly Says Likes Nude Makeup Girls.

September 7, 2012, the popular idol Wu Chun appeared in Tianjin department stores, to help out the famous luxury brand Dior, customized makeup's "The New Nude " roadshow. At the scene, he smoothly talked about skin care tips and bluntly said he likes girls with nude makeup. Hong Kong media said ladies nicknamed him "Man of God", Wu Chun said with a smile that he was not very much, and strive to do his best.

Likes Nude Makeup Girls, says Beauty is one's own.

As a loyal supporter of the brand, Wu Chun shared his own unique makeup tips. He said he liked girls with nude makeup. "I like girls with natural dress-up, although its makeup, but it looks very natural, very fresh, very healthy, (bare makeup) feels very comfortable." Exquisite appearance, fair-skinned Wu Chun, media praising him saying "very beautiful, very beautiful, all over 360 degrees no dead end".  When it comes to standards of beauty, he also has his own ideas. "Beauty is to be oneself.  Many beautiful things difficult to get, cannot be earned on earth, such as appearance, is born. Coming out good things from the heart is really beautiful. 

Laughs on the nickname "Man Of God", says he is just doing his best.

Since his debut with Fahrenheit, the Hong Kong ladies had called him the  "Man of God", and he continues to sit tight in the throne of the "Man of God".Talked about the nickname "Man of God" Wu Chun apparently unknowingly, even asked: "Do you really?" Then smiled and said: "I am nothing special for this title. I'm not too concerned about how people talk about, how to tell me good or bad. I do efforts for what I want to do good. But looking at the activity level of hot scene (on this event) , its enough to see that Wu Chun deserves the nickname "Man Of God" .


Yearning to work together with Fahrenheit, Charitable activities kept him busy.

Recently, Fahrenheit and rumors are again the uproar. Long Ago Wu Chun went solo, he also revealed himself that actually he miss four people to work together, being busy they rarely meet, but are in contact with private texting. It is understood that after going solo Wu Chun, in addition to busy with his acting career, most of the time he stays home in Brunei. While at home, Wu Chun revealed that he is still very busy. In addition to the busy gym matters, spending time with family and friends. He admitted, if free, he hopes to take his family to a sea-side sunny destination .

Wu Chun in Brunei also keen on charity, does not stay idle, carried out a number of charitable activities. Recently, to commemorate the 10 death anniversary of his mother he organized activities for the cancer patients (especially young children ) and contributed a $10, 000 donation to the Paediatric Haemato-Oncology ward in RIPAS. With his birthday approaching, Wu Chun disclosed that on that day also will do some charitable activities. This month, he will join a watch brands raise school supplies for primary school students in Sichuan.

Source : NowNews
Translated by : yaluncute @ Twitter