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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fahrenheit denies disbanding, Aaron said they have recorded 4 new songs.

Fahrenheit appeared at San Queyi, Beijing, but they seemed to be incomplete as Wu Chun was missing and only Aaron, Jiro, Calvin performed at that night. The trio sang "Cherish your Heartache" and "Ruler" songs and in between they imitated each others dance movements of "Sexy Girl" in funny way that exploded laugh in the audience. In response, to the dissolution rumours the three of them denied it straightly.

 It was reported that, Wu Chun's absence from this activity is not because of the dissolution as the rumours go on, but because he is busy with his own work in Brunei. There have been many rumours that Wu Chun stood out (quitting) because of being felt alienated from the other 3 members.

No dissolution 

The 3 of them clarified in the same that: Every time there are people who says this, it is not like some personal planning, Wu Chun has has helped us opened a window for us on the big screen, he made us known through different channel groups in other countries, so there is no so-called jealousy. As for the outside world this "Dissolution" is most famous they said,  Aaron Yan said bluntly, "Really, now in the group Fahrenheit, I'm the only one left" .

Competition with other Groups

On the issue of competing with them,  said that "The first Chinese Music Group Combination" SJ-M for a long time been one, but the Captain's sudden leaving , had left many issues unsolved. Aaron's response is not ambiguous: "I think Han and the company may some misunderstanding between them, I think they will eventually find a way to resolve it". In addition, Aaron also said that, "Fahrenheit has also completed recording 4 new songs" .  His words also made the Fahrenheit's dissolution rumours  untrue.

Aaron Yan " Bad luck founds him "

As Fahrenheit's "Most authoritive spokesperson" Aaron had bad luck in past year again and again. Originally "Momo" male lead, he did not go through as Gui Gui trouble did not end and, finally the drama has stopped for nearly a year. After re-shooting,the company replaced Jiro for the lead. Subsequently, he starred in the drama "Love Buffet"encountered typhoon, the crew lost two million NT dollars, forced drama to be stopped. Rehearsals for the concert, he sprained his left ankle, and finally can play through the pain. New Year, "Love Buffet" started re-shooting, he participated in the "Sunday I'm the greatest ", "steadily loud" and other variety shows and have attracted a good response. In the interview, Aaron expressed the hope that they can have good luck coming this year.

TranslatedBy: Yaluncute@fahrenheitai.blogspot.com
Source: news.160.com


katyly said...


thanks to the team of Fahrenheit news for your job posting for the first
news, you're the best!
It's nice to hear that!
Fahrenheit "4" EVER !!! :)

Have a good da !y

lingling96 said...

Yes!!!!!! Thank god Fahrenheit won't disband!!! :D since Aaron said they made 4 new singles in their next album - they should call it "Fahrenheit forever!" can't wait till it releases!!!
Aaron is a true Fahrenheit! - He's the only one left?! >o< where did Jiro & calvin go?! XD
If wuchun leaves the band, I'll miss him.. But just Aaron, Jiro and Calvin would be cute as the trio - cuz I love the 3 of them!!! >.< <3
but I also love/like wuchun ^^ SUPPORT FAHRENHEIT FOREVER!!!! go go go!!! ^>^

lingling96 said...

also really feeling bad for Aaron - always having bad luck with his sickness & problems etc. But no matter what I (and other fans) will ALWAYS support Aaron and FAHRENHEIT!!!! <3 ^^

Yaluncute said...

So.. its not disbanding afterall.. Chun will still be with other members in the group activities.. But Frh 5th album is in shadows..

aaron said he's only one left in Frh, coz now he's only one who's singing.. n others have pursued their own track ..

Bertha said...

This is definitely inconsistent with the latter article...A state of despondency!!!!Aren't these guys talking to each other to at least gain common ground on what they say in front of the press....it's bogus!!!!Where are your agents guys???!Aaron's lost in thoughts...This is as bogus as Lohan's court trial....Headache!!!! Ouch!!!!!

Bertha said...

Hey I just heard Aaron speak English awesome accent, how come no songs in English???

Yaluncute said...

@Bertha Yess!! His english is Awesome .. but u knw national n regional language is more preferred coz their albums majority wise gonna b sold there.. ..

But.. now that Aaron's gonna release his first EP .. u can hope 4 English songs too .. But I doubt there will be... .

Bertha said...

You know what I've seen Aaron in a comedy play in a an interview with Patty Hou how come Taiwan hasn't come up with a Musical Comedy Twist Show like Glee...Jiro and Calvin has good voices won't that be a good show a Chinese Musical for a change....cut the extreme Dramas and go for light happy loving high school boy road to singing fame show....the clean high school days grease type????With dancing? Just a thought???