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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Yalun's New Drama - The Flower Road to Bid Farewell

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  • The Road to Bid Farewell is filled with Flowers (一路繁花相送) is adapted from the novel of the same name written by Qing Shan Luo Ta. From words of mouth, the story isn’t anything different from your usual meet as teenagers, separated, and then reunited as adults. She’s a young, talented graphic designer, but grew up without the warmth and love from a mother (plenty from the dad and sister, though), but it’s our hero who fills in those missing holes in her heart. At age 15, she stole his first kiss. At age 17, she told him she does not want to be anyone’s responsibility. At age 25, she tells him he doesn’t have the right to stubbornly remain as an uninvited guest in her life. We then learn that our hero left to study abroad when he was 17. Feeling hurt and betrayed, she shrinks back and moves forward in life without him; refusing to wait, refusing to compromise. Though it kills her inside, she ends up ripping the piece of paper containing his US address. 7 years later, the sensitive and stubborn girl of the past has transformed into a cold woman who doesn’t trust or believe in love. She lives a carefree life and likes to travel, wearing a mask of indifference to deal with people. What happened during those 7 years? It’s the hero’s mission to find out.
  • The drama is making it 10 years! Aaron Yan’s love is one-sided so prepare your heart well. Maggie’s a dance teacher in the drama.
The Road to Bid Farewell is filled with Flowers is scheduled to air on 2/7 with 41 episodes.
My viewpoint - Its just too big for me. Like 41 eps seriously ? I hardly manage 20+ eps in any drama. But well its Yalun here I would definitely gonna watch this one. You ?
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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hanging On Wires For 10 Days Wu Chun Is Not Afraid Of Hardships, Wants To Do A Basketball Movie Next.

吳尊甘願為演到好作品做出犧牲。(圖/men's uno)
Wu Chun willing to make sacrifices for good work. Pic Courtsey men's uno
Wu Chun's new film "Valiant Legend" was recently released & when its promotions came to an end , he accepted the "men's uno" magazine interview, and revealed that he enjoys filming, and hopes to play different roles always and did not want to repeat the role. Wanting to cooperate with MJ in a Basketball movie, is his greatest wish!

Aaron Yan Ices His Foot For 10 Hour Each Night.

Aaron (Source: China Research)
Aaron foot injury rehabilitation, with ice bucket (Source: Yes China)
With the upcoming concert of two days at Taiwan University Gymnasium, Yalun has began intensive rehearsal  practicing dance 5 hours a day in order to surprise fans. He's practicing and dancing with great passion, but as his knee injury is still in rehabilitation, 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Aaron Yan Undergoing Third Surgery to Prevent Atrophy

Due to a torn ligament, Aaron Yan (
炎亞綸) of Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit, has to undergo knee surgery for the third time this year, to prevent his right leg muscles from atrophying. After his surgery, there is even a slight chance that the basketball-loving 28-year-old may not be able to play sports again.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wu Chun Didn't Slept For 54 Hours To Meet The Basketball Star Jordan.

Dated: Feb 21,2013
Wu Chun, who is a Coca-Cola spokesperson was recently fortunate enough to get brand arrangements, went to the United States Houston appreciate his idol Michael Jordan (米高佐敦)  who have participated in the All-Star Basketball Game. Excited to see Jordan, Chun didn't slept for 54 hours. He also joked that through this trip I feel much closer to my childhood dream of becoming an NBA player.