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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wu Chun is married with a baby!

Wu Chun (吴尊) is married and has a four-month-old daughter!

His wife, 31, pictured, is his high school sweetheart and the two have been together for 15 years!
Pardon the exclamation marks, but it does amaze me (it shouldn’t by now!) when celebs are found to be cheating and lying to their fans!

Wu’s neighbors in Brunei confirmed the Fahrenheit boy band member’s marital status has long been an open secret in the Chinese-speaking community.

To protect the “honor of Brunei,” they said they didn’t expose him in case his popularity waned!
Wu’s manager Lu Shu-chuan (呂淑娟), however, denied the rumors!

He said news of this kind has been circulating for years and Wu himself is confused about it, as he does not have time to get married and have kids!

Source: Next Magazine
Credits: May daily


Bertha said...

Hahaha well, I know JK Rowling hid her kids from the public I would do it too, people can be mean....But like I said if he was taken I would not be surprised...life is like a box of chocolates you wouldn't know what you're gonna get....all my wish if he did have kids I wish he'd spent quality time with them all kids in this world deserve to be treated right...an authority figure is very important in a family, I wouldn't mind playing nanny though LOL he would have cute kids ;-)

Bertha said...

I just realize I can't tell my heart not to love you, I already did, and now if ever you are married with four kids (funny that was my dream again you stole it) I'm not gonna love you less cause I'm not possessive nor shallow LOL!!!! But I do have to take you off from my husband to be LIST you've been on there for 2 years, Ben Barnes got taken out because his galfriend got pregnant, so you married huh....LOL well life goes on....still praying for you!!!!

kairi said...

i dont believe it ..

Anonymous said...

Neither do I...I may have been a late bloomer when it comes to becoming a Fahrenheit and most of all, Wu Ji Zun admirer, still I have come to know that Goh Kiat Chun, on and off-cam, is down-to-earth, responsible, level-headed and full of integrity. The last thing he wants is to put his family's name to shame. JIA YOU, Zun. As you yourself said, GOSSIPS WON'T PUT GKC DOWN!

Gem_ Phillipines

Bertha said...

Yes nothing would bring him down, but now he knows that if he chooses to fall in love and settle down then be honest with it he will be loved no matter what....as long as he keep being good...and keep things real ;-)

Anonymous said...

i don't mind if wu chun is married and has baby..as human being he deserve to fall in love and get married..we as his fan just support him..and i will support him what ever he's doing..

chesril chun said...

i dont believe this!

Yaluncute said...

Don't Believe ... Chun's Manager said That's his Sister-In-Law n her daughter ..


Anonymous said...

i don't care about their personal life, as long as they can act very well...i hope he can live like normal people..feel sorry for them.

Anonymous said...

We fans will support Wu Chun even if he is married and have a kid. Love from Norway <3

Yue Faye said...

I just finished watching all of Wu Chun's TV dramas and movies. He is a good actor, performer, etc. The rumors about his marital status has been circulating for quite a time already. I believe that if he is truly married and have kid/s, he will surely admit it. If not now, maybe in the near future. However, if there is nothing to admit, how can he do so?

Anonymous said...

_________i cant accept that news... its completely impossible....

leah torrico said...

_______is it really true???

Jenna said...

That is what I heard also. Well, nice to see him always around in the FItness gym or at least ur car is parking around the Palm Garden hotel :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes he has married. This is not a secret in Brunei.

ekenacallar said...

that's great
I am so happy cause wu chun has daughter and wife
many fans so don't be angry to wu chun..

ekenacallar said...

So don't worry about you're idol
it's that okay at all

Anonymous said...

This is so fake. Guys The Paparazzi always makes shit up seriously. Paparazzi need to get a F*cking life already like stfu everything is rumor this rumor that. I might hate Miley Cyrus but the Paparazzi almost caused her to get i a deadly car accident That I have sympathy for her. Like don't believe this bullshit.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Brunei and he used to study in my school. Everyone here knows he's married.

Anonymous said...

What a big lie that you wrote this "I'm from Brunei and he used to study in my school. Everyone here knows he's married" At this time everybody knows that all and that old article was true He is married and he has a daughter and other in way. Wu Chun left a message in his blog, a long one, on October 1st. If you wanna read it go to chunzone.com

Anonymous said...

He IS married and now has 2 kids. Their pics of their family and his love of being a father is on his website chunzone.com on his blog pages. He has a little boy and a little girl.

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