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Calvin Chen

Chinese Name : 辰亦儒
Pinyin : Chén Yìrú
English Name : Calvin Chen
BirthName : 陳奕儒
Birthdate : November 10 , 1980
BirthPlace : Taiwan
Height : 184 cm
Weight : 65 kg
Blood Type : A
Star Sign : Scorpio
Profession : Singer, Actor
Genre : Mandopop
Instrument(s): Piano
Voice Type : Tenor
Labels : HIM International Music
         WOW Music (HK Only)
Languages : Taiwanese,Mandarin, English, limited Cantonese.

Just Calvin

Calvin Chen Yi Ru 辰亦儒, is currently a member of the popular Taiwanese boyband Fahrenheit. His stage name is actually a homophone of his birth name.After graduating from Jianguo High School, one of the top high schools in Taiwan, he further pursued his college education in Canada, where he completed his masters degree in Economics at the University of Victoria. He then futher continued his life in Canada by joining a pageant-like competition (Sunshine Boyz) in Vancouver, where he won first place with a free ticket to Taiwan and a contract with a music company as well as a role in a drama. He is currently a student at National Chengchi University, studying Public Finance.
Calvin was the third member to join Fahrenheit. He is the tenor vocalist of the group. His publicized temperature is that of warm spring, at 77 degrees Fahrenheit. He also represents "Handsome" (traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: shuài).

日韩音乐风 (Japan, Korea Music Craze)

Health Trivia's

  • Aside from Fahrenheit, Calvin Chen is also popular in the Philippines after his Taiwanese drama "Romantic Princess" where Wu Chun is also a part of the drama. Wu Chun is also very popular in the Philippines after the said drama. They recently guested on one of the Philippines' biggest TV networks, ABS-CBN.
  • Calvin is the tallest among the members of Fahrenheit at 1.86 meters.
  • Calvin is said to have a "killer" smile.
  • Calvin underwent strong criticisms when Fahrenheit first entered the Entertainment circle.
  • Calvin was recently in the army for 12 days and is now back with Fahrenheit.
  • One of the reasons Calvin was unqualified to serve in the army full-time was because of his health.
  • Chun, Jiro and Aaron commented Calvin is the only member who hasn't been injured yet.
  • Calvin has also learned how to beatbox for the Fahrenheit Fantasy World Tour Concert.
  • Calvin has been chosen to be the male lead for the drama "Love Buffet" alongside fellow band mate Aaron Yan, and female lead Reen Yu
  • Both he and fellow band-mate Aaron Yan were diagnosed with Ménière's disease.