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Monday, April 11, 2011

Aaron Yan's Solo EP Gets Huge Applause In Fans And Music Industry.

Before Aaron Yan's Personal EP release "The Next Aaron Yan", some people thought he can sing well, perhaps as a Fahrenheit can sing, even he admitted: "Would like to release his own Album". If you really like his type, select his solo EP.

With Aaron Solo EP out, Fahrenheit's dissolution rumors resurfaced. HIM International immediately denied it and said they will be Fahrenheit Forever. After that Aaron's EP publicity events and Fahrenheit's endorsement related events started. Seeing Fahrenheit together as one, all fans were relieved.

Aaron Yan said: " We are seen as Fahrenheit in the outside World. In concerts, fans starts screaming with our every action and flying kiss towards them. We appreciate their emotions and love them, as we are not anything without their support. But, after having concert no one remembers what we sing, they often applaud the appearance more rather than the singing potential. I'm a part of Fahrenheit, but as a person himself, I think it requires more vision to understand ".

Aaron Yan thanks Fahrenheit for giving him a wide world to reside , to think, to make the move for himself. But do not deny that 4 peoples are different with their likes and tastes. Aaron says, "To get along with the media and don't catch the hunting eyes, I was told not to be straight forward,but, it doesn't seems to be so".
To him his very own EP, not only attracted attention of all media groups but, also get appreciated by other singers too.

"I just want to let people know me, through my music". Aaron said, "I don't live with past, I do forget present, to start the future with new beginning ".

Overall sold around 65,000 copies on his preorder, no doubts that Aaron Yan's EP debuted with no. 1 and topped various charts, became one of the top sellers of last year. Aaron said, "Its surprises me a lot, unexpectedly its much more from what I thought. " 

Source: UDN + yahoo.news 
Translated By: Yaluncute@fahrenheitai.blogspot.com


Bertha said...

What I wish, that Aaron would continue home school on English so he can perfect his diction,and enunciation. As what William Shakespeare said: "mend your speech a little, Lest it may mar your fortunes" -KING LEAR. I wish you'd finish school and succeed in your singing career as well...education is always the best wealth mawh!!!! I'm happy for you Aaron!!!!

Bertha said...

Ah yeah keep this in your heart: Talent and looks may get you to the top but it's always character that will keep you there....be compassionate at all times with people....

Fiona said...

Yay!!!!! FAHRENHEIT FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D <3 <3 ^~^ so glad they'll be together!!!!!!! ^^ most other bands that I like, like f4 taiwan; they broke up ): (ages ago) /_\ so I'm just glad that fahrenheit will be together 4ever >~<
Aaron's album is great, love the singing but the music video is just erm ... Like the 2nd mv. But not the "next I" one XD lol!!~ but gotta give Aaron credit, he's pushed himself a lot and has changed A LOT! XD <3 Jiayoú Aaron!!!!!!!!!! &&&& FAHRENHEIT!!!! really wish I could see them LIVE at a concert one day >~< love them soooooooooooo much ^^ JIAYOÚ!!!!!! ^.^

Bertha said...

I had always faith in you, now when everything is going rough just refer to this video ok Aaron...

Bertha said...

Ok peeps waz this, 炎亞綸-寂寞暴走, it sounds good....is this alternative rock? I think Aaron fits on the alternative rock and slow r and b with a mix of remix piano classics like if one of his r and b songs has a good piano piece he could remix it like teayang wedding dress ohh I love that song.... hmmm this song 最後一眼 Olvia Ong has a good voice that song seems to fit a drama theme hmmmm Olivia has good strong voice....if gets too cheesy he will get stuck on the idol image solo version....ahihihi I wish Olivia could have sung with Aaron an r and b love song instead....do Chinese love rock and ballad? Aaron's rolling fits r and b's

Bertha said...

Ok I'm not to covet but I want a son like this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEBZC7_bXmk

Aaron were you like this? So adorable!!!!

Bertha said...

When the Music talks to the Heart
When I was young I hated my mother for teaching me how to read notes, I was always a rebellious child, I hated her for stealing my play time. But every time I have a bad dream or on my birthdays she’d play for me the Maidens Prayer and Shepherds dream it would soothe me, I never was good in reading notes cause I think I loved Taekwondo more back then, but when I grew older I regretted not learning, I’m a widow (playing by listening alone not reading notes) I’d composed and join contest and have someone to arrange it but nothing really big I always saw myself as a sport man. Now she’s gone and when I feel bad no one plays for me anymore so I would sit and try to play Gone most of what I know of it. My Piano piece was “Looking Through The Eyes of Love” the only one I really sat long enough to learn the notes because of the movie Ice Castle, I can read but it will take me days to finish a piece. I learned to play the guitar from a nun who is still a very close friend, I almost entered the convent when I was in secondary school but I was so extrovert they said I might end up teaching all the nun martial arts, but actually that was a little off ahihihi The guitar was easier because of the chords as long as the chords have been simplified I have small fingers the bars are really scalding to the hands, specially the bass strings, I love to play “When You Say Nothing at All”. I really know your an artist because you are transparent with your emotions, I know it’s hard when the world seems to close in on you at times but one thing I know best, is when I feel really bad I let the music speak for me. And yes my mother spoke of her love for me when she played for me even if its 12 midnight, she’d sit there and play for me till I get sleepy again....your music Aaron it tucks me in to sleep at night. I know one day I’d do the same for my child.