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Sunday, February 12, 2012

[ TALB ] Wu Chun, Imperfections of a perfect lover.

Wu Chun Wu Chun, Imperfections of a perfect lover
Imperfection 1. Too Shy, can’t even express his love
It’s hard to imagine that Wu Chun’s personality in private is quite shy. When he was young he played basketball and when he won, he was very shy to collect his award . The 1st time he went on stage to sing he was shaking all over. Being this shy even towards his family whom he loves dearly, he could not personally express his overflowing love! But love, some times is just missing a phrase ” I love you!”..

Wu Chun Cries for his mom on Mothers Day Wu Chun, Imperfections of a perfect loverWu Chun cries for his deceased mom on Mother’s Day
When his mother passed away, that was Wu Chun’s most regretful thing in his entire life. Wu Chun will take incense sticks with him when visiting his mum, asking if he had a chance, what would he most want to say to his mum? Wu Chun bowed his head thinking, thinking whole heartedly he said “At the beginning I consoled my mum telling her she will get better, but in the end there was no way, if I could re-do it, right now I would say to her ” I will become a useful person, tell her not to worry and relax!” to let her have no regrets or longing…..
Because his mother and also his close friend departed abruptly, Wu Chun’s views on life changed : “Life is short, life is impermanent, all of a sudden it might be no more, disappearing, which makes me more appreciative of the things I have now.” His mother’s death made Wu Chun grow up over one night, also the relationship with his dad also grew closer.
Wu Chun and his father not only do they have similar outer appearance but the shy personality also shows, even though the relationship between father and son isn’t bad but its not that good either! But between the two the feeling of coming and going, after his mother passed away, Wu Chun appreciated even more the relationship between family members. Especially with his father, as soon as he has free time he will make time to returnto Brunei to accompany his father, or he would take him away traveling to have fun. ” Between me and my father because we are both quite shy, after joining the entertainment circle and also with my mother passing away, I’ve learnt to cherish him. Because my sister is married, my brother when he is home, will just shut himself inside his room, in addition the house in Brunei is so big, so when am not at home it becomes a bit too quiet. But when I am at home I bring my friends to my house and cook food, have party’s, so that the house will be very lively and will have the warm atmosphere of a family.” Even though his father doesn’t say out loud that he’s lonely at home, but having Wu Chun that pays close attention to everyone around him he could see straight through. So since his mother’s passing, when Wu Chun has free time he will take his father to go on holiday “Because if you go on holiday, for the whole day we will be together, so your emotion will turn for the better.” thus revealing the secret reason of how the father and son relationship is growing closer.
In July, he returned to Taiwan for 3 days, Wu Chun specially took his father to Taiwan to be treated, as his father had suffered from an oppressed nerve in his spine for a year, resulting in him not being able to stand for long periods of time. When they slept in the house in Taipei, his dad adamantly said to Wu Chun he would sleep on the floor as it was good to sleep on the floor boards. He also said “since your mother passed away, it has been so long since I slept in a bed.” At that time, Wu Chun was shocked but could feel how his father felt deep down, to lose the person that he had slept beside, I asked Wu Chun “Did you ask your father the reason?” Wu Chun shook his head ” I didn’t dare ask, but I thought, if he slept in the bedthat he shared so long with my mother, he must think about her….” thinking of that, he just couldn’t ask…. “Thinking of something so sad, I wouldn’t get more upset as I thought more about it , but I would think about how I would walk towards the future, to be more happy” Just like knowing about the my father’s situation, I will think how I would be able to make him more happy in the future. Because I understand how to cherish something, I can use my past as the power to continue onto the future.”

Imperfection 2. Transparent man, obstructions in the road of romance
After entering into the entertainment circle, he has lost all his privacy, making him cherish things more. After becoming a celebrity, Wu Chun pondered a lot ” sometimes I will think of very complicated things, for example: Am scared I will cause trouble for people. Once I step foot into showbiz, it’s like I can never come back out, life has changed, am no longer an ordinary person. Even if I do quit showbiz, I will never be able to return to a normal person and will always be pointed and stared at, I have lost my privacy for the rest of my life.”
Wu Chun loves his family, so after becoming a celebrity, a lot of things have become inconvenient and has resulted in him missing a lot of family reunions. “Am scared I will cause my family inconvenience, a few days before my cousin got married, even though I really wanted to go, but once I thought about it, if I attended I might steal the limelight turning me into the main character instead, so I would want to say should I really go? Even though my family members don’t think about it, I will think of it 1st and once I think like that I don’t dare to attend. Also, his niece 1st birthday, they held a birthday party inside the house. Even though his family wanted him to stay for another day to celebrate but because he had work commitments he had no choice but to leave Brunei.” Wu Chun listing all the times he had no control over things, this could also count as one of his small imperfections.
Wu Chun 1 Wu Chun, Imperfections of a perfect lover
Asking Wu Chun about any regrets in his love life, he thought and thought and said he has never been cheated on and of course has never been the one to turn against someone, ” But close by me I have friends that have been dating for 5-8 yrs, slowly they lose feelings for each other so they fight and break up easily. That point is really not ok! Towards relationships you can’t demand for complete perfection, treating the other half you need “to leave it to nature” ! Because after 5yrs, 8yrs the fresh feeling is easily lost, so you shouldn’t demand so much of your other half, because perfection doesn’t exist, so you should be more free leaving it to nature.”
Wu Chun said his philosophy on love is—- let nature take it’s course. ” If you put your heart into it, you can do it. If you have put in effort, you will have a way to achieve it.” Wu Chun facing anything will face it seriously, putting all his efforts into it, with love he also believes the same.
If he was cheated on would he choose to forgive them? A love that has a scar can it be repaired? Thinking over and over again, Wu Chun surely replied ” Of course I can! If I still have feelings for her, I would give her another chance. If you don’t try then how will you know? because if I still loved her and we can go back to the love we had before, I will of course be willing to try and see!”
In the future, Wu Chun is scared his other half will not be able to cope. “As a celebrity we can’t openly date, always hiding from this and that, it really will be hard. Surrounding me will always be a lot of pretty girls, so my girlfriend or wife could easily be jealous, so between two people, trust is very important. Also the wife or girlfriend will be used as a topic of debate by fans, and the media will also find out every inch of information about her even her ancestral history. Even if I quit now, when I go out to eat, I will be continuously stared at by people, I have already gotten used to it but am scared the people beside me will not be. Because being husband and wife is for eternity and work is only something momentary.” Wu Chun who loves his family, thinking of relationships and not forgetting about the thought of children, he revealed a tone full of longing
“If I really was caught with my girlfriend, I will definitely tell the world, openly admit it, because I don’t like to run and hide. I will also want to be like Simon Yam and bring the wife and kids to visit during work.” This is Wu Chun declaring to the world his love pledge, also reflecting on his reactions of entering into the showbiz world and the imperfections of the path to love.
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Translated by Elvenstar @ AsianFanatics


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Aww! :)

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Ross said...

Wow. Where do I find myself a man like him? That's the reason why I am one of his fans. The jewel you see in his outside is the same when you look in his inside! (: Best of luck to you Wu Chun! (:

mytha said...

wu chun good luck to your lovelife...and to your career...

ai-ai said...

..i feel sad..but i know God has a plan for you..hope you will find the girl that God destined for you Wu Chun..regards to your father..take care, Goodluck and Godbless!!!

Anonymous said...

After reading this article I was very moved but also feeling pity for him because i never realise that wu chun experience so much hardship sorrow in life. Reading this made me want to change my lifestyle and appreciate everything around me, Just like Chun's stated earlier, "life is short".

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Lv u wu chun:-):-):-)bst of luck 4 ur future.....

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Nearly cried while reading this TT.TT Even though no one is perfect but I reckon that through all the hardship that he has been through, he has been and will be AWESOME in no matter what he does <3
Good Luck in the Future for both your lovelife and your career :D