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Monday, November 12, 2012

Aaron Yan's "The Moment" Steals 30.94% Music Sales.

Aaron Yan's "The Moment" steals the limelight with 30.94% of the total sales all over the world of Mandarin Albums. Its only an account that has been calculated according to the information from HIM & shopkeepers, the real digits may be some more high.

Sort Of Accident ?? Astonishing for some of the experts!! 
This week's sales charts are astonishing for some of the experts. They claimed that no masterpiece is in the music list, but still they never expected Aaron Yan's "The Moment" to be on the top at the end of the week. They said it wouldn't have been that shocking if Jolin Tsai's "Amuse" was on the top like last week's & continue to sit there for another week. But, "Amuse" has shown quite a decline & stood third in the list. 

Excellent sales performance by "The Moment" this week. Not only benefited by the personal appeal, but also the various autograph sessions that have been held one after another. In fact, would like to say, as an idol singer Aaron this time has produced a quality album, it can make people feel his sincerity and attitude to his music, so even if the album sales is not as good as before, the album still left a good reputation.

Top 5 Mandarin Albums :

1. Aaron Yan (炎亞綸) : The Moment (紀念日) with 30.94 percent of sales

2. Yan-j (嚴爵) : Simple Love (Y3全創作:Yen-j作品3號單細胞) with 16.59%

3. Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) : Muse (In Live) with 8.79%

4. Yali Huang (黃雅莉) : Mr. Young (年輪) with 3.66%

5. Peter Pan (潘裕文) : Listen to Clock (聽克拉克說) with 3.47%

( Source : Charts compiled from G-Music )

Source: G-Music + ENTToday
Compiled by : yaluncute@fahrenheitai.blogspot.com