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Friday, March 4, 2011

Solo tide of Wu Chun [ All news covered]

Wu Chun going solo :

Did Wu Chun ever said that he's going solo?? Huh. Dunno how media makes this rumour. He just said to focus his attention this year on his filming career. Does that mean to be solo?? And, he doesn't like singing that much as Aaron Yan does
( who's gonna release his own solo EP.. titled "The Next Me " ), then how come he went up to solo.

Retirement from Showbiz :

Just straight forward : " No " .
This topics news go as :  " It has also been leaked that Wu Chun has dropped out of both his upcoming series (Absolute Boyfriend) and movie (Summer Holiday 2) leading to many speculations of him preparing to leave the entertainment industry. As of present, Wu Chun has expressed when interviewed that he has thought about leaving. For his fans, though, he will not depart rashly. However, he will not be putting his whole heart into the entertainment industry in the future. " .
Well, regarding this, Yess!!, he did dropped out from Absolute Boyfriend coz of some reasons (that I don't know) & from Summer Holiday 2 too.

But that doesn't mean he's quitting showbiz, he just merely want to take enough work in a year so that he can spend some of his timewith his family ( afterall family is important ). He said to be focussing on a promoting Sunshine Angel and completing his movie "My Kingdom", and publishing a book as he said.
 So, he is in Showbiz .....

Why not renew contract with HIM :

Wu Chun didn't renewed his contract with HIM International, but instead made a contract with "Fu Long Stars " (Patty Hou managed by this very same Company). The question now is, "Why he didn't renewed his contract one with HIM, but instead go to FuLong ?" . There are many opinions regarding this, but the best one is here-----

With HIM as for all these 5 years, he's been so much busy, glued to all time with having sorta of promotion work and filming and endorsing, all these. He didn't got a bit of time to be with his family, didn't get to visit his own place where he says he belongs to , "Brunei". What you think why he didn't renewed his contract?? Now, with Fu Long managing Chun's schedule, "He's free to opt for having what work he likes, and can manage his own time to be with his family".  Are you all satisfied with this??

Fahrenheit Disbanding : 

Chun's going solo, so Fahrenheit disbanding. This has been the dish that's still cooking from the time Fahrenheit debuted and I don't think will ever finish to have a taste for everyone. (Hope I'm right, God Bless our Fahrenheit).

Regarding this matter : HIM confirmed that, though Chun has signed contract with Fu Long , but Fahrenheit is still there and not disbanding as what the rumour goes. His new firm Fu Long also stated this , that Fahrenheit isn't disbanded and Chun will cooperate in Fahrenheit activities as his schedule permits. So, in near future Fahrenheit will launch their new album.  Even, Chun's manager denied that Chun ever said he's going solo and Fahrenheit is disbanding.

New Album ?  HIM said that this year there's gonna be the next album of Fahrenheit.But, Fu Long said : No new album of Fahrenheit this year, but can be in near Future.

Conclusion : < Fahrenheit isn't disbanded though Chun will be with Fu Long. Chun will focus more on his acting career, but also cooperate with Fahrenheit >   What's your thoughts ?? 

Chun's profile on FuLongStars (Click to view it)


Bertha said...

My thoughts, I want to hug Chun so tight and say thank you for sparing me the sight of seeing you broken...Ok Magazine Fame stole my Family by Billy Cyrus, The Tragic Death of Princess Diana, The Despaired life of Michael Jackson these are product of dishonored Fame, irresponsible media, for once let's not bury these issues but there has to be Wisdom behind these tragedies. Artist are supposed to inspire, as I was pleading in my country to have responsible media I want to plea to the whole world....if an artist fall in his personal life we help him up not kick him down, if he exits then let him do it gracefully the world has a bucket of talents still waiting to be unleashed because GOD showered people all over the earth for this.Chun work hard so you will reap well....have faith. God Bless you!!!!

Bertha said...

To all media people: You cannot teach a bird to fly only to haunt it down....it's unethical....

aloeverahe said...

What book is Chun publishing? ^^

Yaluncute said...

@aloeverahe Don't knw abt that.. nt out yet ..
But thinking of Chun hope its not gonna be a Food one .. lol

Yaluncute said...

@Bertha Like reading your comments .. (^_^) .. full of good examples .. ^^

aloeverahe said...

Oh yeah a food book! Maybe a cook book full of Chun's favourite recipes ^^
Can't wait to hear more news about it!! Because I'm sure to buy/read/love it ^^ LOL

Bertha said...

@Yaluncute Thanks!!!!

Yaluncute said...

@aloeverahe Yeah!! then I'll try my hands in kitchen. Chun has a gr8 taste so all recipes gonna b superb ^^

@Bertha U r welcome (^_^)

Bertha said...

Breaking Hearts!!!!
Be still your heart for I hold your hand even if my presence is not within your reach,
I chant a song where I gather a tribe of warriors, Angels ready to battle your unspoken fears,
The mask has been broken and your face has been gazed upon the smile has vanished and what was left was your true self, in the flesh.
In silence I kneel in prayer, but my heart embraces your cold and hardened heart,
Did you see what the eyes could not see, did you hear what your ears failed to hear, did you feel what your heart could not touch, yes you cannot lie to your own heart, and somehow it has died,
Your heart about to turn into dust I have watched sleepless nights and tried to breathe it back into life,
You ask what is love then have I not shown you what is love, I have been here I have never left your side even if you threw me out of your sight, I asked for nothing in return but to see you gain your peace of mind, for true love does not hate, it is kind, it is patient, it is never envious, it does not brag nor has pride.
So use my heart and break it if you must, but in my heart I have loved you a thousand ways, even till the day you ask me to walk away, as long as you have learned how to love even if my heart breaks it’s ok.
So love, love with all honesty with all your heart even if it breaks love anyway!!!!

Bertha said...

I wrote the poem enjoy people....