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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wu chun : "No Longer A Young Idol".

Exiting Fahrenheit was a hard decision, took 2 years to take into account, in order to reconcile family and the film industry, he ultimately chose to leave. On June 22, 2011, Taiwan Huayan records officially announced that Wu chun is leaving "Fahrenheit." Wu Chun's response to exiting is mainly due to the lack of time devotion to Family, Fahrenheit & Movies. To this end, he did declare: "After 6 years of show biz career, I need to focus on priority issues. "On the film industry, he said frankly this is most important part of my life, I'll focus on movies " one does not rely on appearance & supporting actors, I hope can focus more on filming.

"Wu Chun was a man I can't afford. "Director  Jingle Ma after the shoot of the "Butterfly Lovers", said:" I have always thought that good looking people always takes time to understand, but with Wu Chun it was not, he learns very soon. My mum praised Wu Chun, too embarrassed to boast about self.

With co-star Charlene Choi's "Butterfly Lovers" is Wu Chun's first screen experience. This is an adaptation of the classic love story "Butterfly Lovers" Idol piece, though old-fashioned story, but yet a "pure." Wu Chun bleeding, three arrows at back,  regarded as a classic by many fans according to their remarks, in the whole movie could be considered as most deeply moving scene. After the release of the Film, Chun became a discussion for every body, although some male audience were dissapointed with the martial arts scenes of Chun, but intact female fans of Wu Chun were in hot pursuit.

The " Butterfly Lovers" martial arts instructor Cheng Xiaodong once to revere the most frequent appraisal to Wu are not awfully.: Scene was to jumps down from the third floors, I found substitute person to him, but he said that ` does not want it, I will do', then `'  went to roof. Then hit the gate, to hit the window movement, thin in crash-bang, he come, hits without demur. I said that this does not need you to do it, the substitute person comes, what to do if has been injured, particularly face!Cheng Xiaodong said. Often to such time, Wu revered always to fling a few words: All right! In any case I'm not injured!Yeah, I cannot think really that currently will have also the new person to do the stuff. Wu Zun going all out has his reason: Everybody spends to buy a ticket, to see you, how can you also use the substitute person?

Wu Chun's second film with Zhao Wei, Donnie Yen collaboration "14 blades." In the film, Wu Chun has changed his image from handsome boy from idol dramas to, resembling Pirates of the Caribbean  style the desert judge. Although few scenes, but Wu Chun yet the paradox of how to squeeze the right role, a lot of harsh critics have commented that Wu Chun has turned the inner play.

Movie Line is what Chun's dream, after solo emphasizing the main screen. Last year finished shooting the Sunshine Angel, he suddenly turned down the drama "Absolute Darling" of which 2 episodes have been filmed, stand no longer act for television drama. instead of playing more love stories role, Chun chose another type, "Wants to do it out another way. "Wu Chun was happy to have the opportunity to try different movies, such as the "Magic To Win" a sorcerer role and in the "Saving General Yang" as Yang Liulang. "I would be happy to accept that challenge, "Saving General Yang" role was very hard, fight while riding on horses , wearing 40 pounds of armor standing under the Sun, I am not afraid of hard work, a man is to challenge himself, to take hard work. Afraid of hard work, you won't gain much.

"I'm not young, no longer young. "Wu JI Zun repeatedly stressed on this sentence that he was born in 1979, even after saying that his face still looks as that of 85. "I can't fool myself, after the age of 30, taking pictues with idols, could not stand it. "Age crisis is the biggest crisis of an Idol, adds number of years, not everybody who are idols have smooth clearance, everyone is struggling with the age transformation. We believe that Chun's courage on the decisive farewell yesterday, he will continue with all his might to shine.

Translated By: Yaluncute@Fahrenheitai.blogspot.com