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Friday, October 14, 2011

Understanding The Art Of Balance Is Wu Chun's Talent.

"I often think of the future, thinking about what I want. Came to the conclusion that the job is only a stage of life, only family for me is eternal, the most important is my life, "Wu Chun had hoped that at the age of 35 when getting married, it's just a target, but it will depend on fate if met the right person.

Two people who loves must have a sense of understanding is what required. "Responsibility, willing to sacrifice for each other and are willing to go a long way. Overall beauty is completely unimportant. I see many pretty & beautiful girls, what's the big deal, some men's are really handsome, what's the big deal, someone on your side, in good faith to you is most important, very important, such conditions are the second and third requirement.

"Can withstand your wife doing kiss scenes with others? "" It is best not to, I don't want to see her Kiss play. This seems a bit selfish, but no way, really hope not.

"In Australia studying, when his girlfriend sent Jordan jerseys, Golden coloured, she specially ordered from the United States, it was Valentine's day when she sent to me. I've been playing wearing it, and later washed & it faded a bit, was reluctant to, but no longer wore it. "Wu Chun is a man of emotion, it is said that 16 years after that first love never been in love, married  & have daughters of so-called rumors are just rumors, has never been confirmed.

"Big Takefu" conference, Han Geng fans prepared a gift, one in the media group went defiantly asked Wu Chun: Han Geng fans get so many gifts, but no preparation of your fans, how do you see? Wu Chun responded very quickly: "I ​​take care of Han in the movie, outside the movies Han take care of me, now its for his fans to take care of the media."

Understand the art of balance, is Wu Chun's talent. Like his three tattoo, right arm two, one is covered with green vines and chains of red blood, one is a sword right leg Jordan "flying trapeze" Totem. Wu Chun's cute appearance is combined with their harmony.

Wu Chun at home, is the youngest, In 2002 Mother died due to pancreatic cancer. Chun regrets the most that he didn't spend time with his mother in her last moments, this matter changed all his impetuous in his youth. He once said, when artists sacrificing many things, so we must do. "When opening the gym my father has repeatedly promised to support, though very successful, but now can only be in there, for a while, I both ends burning, do not know where good going. It's people in the world beyond, you can't.

Now, Wu Chun learned to grasp the point of balance, before acting, singing, making movies often have a lot of records notices, go to recording, to participate in his speech, the kind of backed into a tight, so that life Wu Chun can't stand.

"I can't do, singing only 70 minutes, Acting other 70, that's not what I want, I want to do one thing. "The rest of the energy, Wu Chun wished to have more time to go home to accompany father, do not have often enjoyed this home feeling," now home with dad, me, brother, children of brother-in-law. The family live together, feels particularly good, every time I go back home were very lively. Up in the morning with my father to eat breakfast, family dinner at noon, the feeling was very warm.

Wu Chun get home more often this year, and luxury was spending two weeks of new year at home, and back then 3 days for the new year, "When about to leave home, feel really sad, work makes me so tired, not good play, can't say singing, much less time with the family, it was really bad, there wasn't any balance. "Every time before you go home, the company is intensively Wu Chun organization of work, every day is full, he can find the time to go home. "The contract expires, I'll think of something next I want to just how life is, so I think for a long time and decided to do something .

Fahrenheit member Aaron Yan describes Chun as simple and stable. Calvin then describes more specifically, this simple and stable: "Wu Chun is really mature, not only because he was the eldest. He invested in the gym when I went there,saw him take a piece of white paper, to make art patterns in gym. I asked, do you not call any designers? He said he would do it himself, even the designs were the pictures themselves, what to cover yourself with the worker, foreman said, their supervision. He felt that human potential is infinite, a lot of things better is to do it by yourself, I admire him.

Many artists to get thin,  often make themselves hungry. But Chun will not. Aaron Yan explains Chun in short "We gave Chun a nickname : ' Food '. When busy don't have time to eat, there were secretly prepared snacks or fruits for a rainy day, as soon as the event concludes, his first job in the bus is looking for something to eat! "Delicious food and good build, is another balancing Wu Chun. "Eat a lot of what you have to move a little bit OK. Many Super that I ate yesterday, today or to eat Beijing roast duck, see wanted to eat, could not fully hold. There is no way to control their own hunger.

Wu Chun always have a good time, after finish eating he spends more time to walk. " Eat no problem, hyperactivity on the line, I have ways to wear a mask, hat, bowed his head and walk in the street quickly. Go to the supermarket to buy something, take one or two large bags, ride a taxi, I would take an hour to carry home. "Wu Chun insistence on eating and exercise,he just does not insists on opening a microblogging, because he there is a persistent, as long as he finds it's spend a lot of things," the life I've been very busy, has enough I am concerned about things, if there are tweets from I can get distracted, so I'd rather not.

Translated By: Yaluncute@Fahrenheitai.blogspot.com