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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jiro Wang : Not So Good As Mature Male.

Backbone from 18 year old.

As "Fahrenheit" member from last few years, Jiro has entered with other three group members, completely different personality image of 4 people has now become the next hottest male idol group. However, six years ago the boys debuted with better guide & support from their senior's SHE ,now are facing their ultimate independence and growth.

In the public eye, this energetic young man is incarnation of lucky ones ( just means he is lucky), but only few people know that, Jiro still had a 70 year old mother to support & many peers can't really imagine the family burden.At the age of 18, when his father passed away he took over the burden of his father, began to support the family & take care of his mother.While the others in Fahrenheit, Aaron and Calvin can study, Wu Zun can resort back to Brunei for vacations, Jiro can only keep working, just because he wanted to support the family, he has to pay their debts.

 However, in this context, Jiro's face did not show any stress, and he was like a big boy filled with youthful vigor. "Hana Kimi" "Momo Love," "KO One" "Together," Jiro's countless idol dramas, when he's smiling on the screen its always hidden fatigue, disease and bitterness behind that smile. He said: "Never because of hard work dropped any tears, because that is your choice!"

Transformation is Courage To Change.

 While recording a program Jiro is humble & kind, it can be seen that this is not the result of completely trained professional artist. This time he was in the psychological thriller "The House" breaking his past image and turn into a mature man in this film debut is the perfect answer. he played the mature Li in this film, and with the star Tong Li Ya is a couple, the woman to inherit the estate of his father, got back home in the old house, and then suffered a series of strange incredible events . For transformation, Jiro think the most difficult thing is to be willing to try different roles from earlier ones, just believe the director, and have done sufficient homework, you can go to challenge, all of the difficulties.
When talk about the big screen first debut, Why chose a Suspense/Thriller script , Jiro disclosed that it was the script that attracted him: "I remember that on the plane I read the script little while, and actually moved Tears, which made Calvin sitting beside me helpless. "Then he embarrassed the situation even more," even the flight attendants kept their eyebrows asking that what's wrong with these two men! "

But at shooting asked if afraid to do the scary scenes, Jiro Wang said without the slightest pressure, although the film's scenes are scary, tall old house full of purple vines, seems eerie. But he did not fear, because the film's director Pan Hengsheng said I am very active, plus they have taken some Stephen Chow's movie, love to showy in the studio, so the filming process has been under very relaxed atmosphere, and even he felt that the film was funny somehow.
Just celebrated 30th birthday Jiro joked, "There is no zero, just 3 year-old." Will open a jewelry store of his own designs in Shanghai at this year's end, he admitted it was "thirty". This year give yourself the greatest birthday present. In conversation, he casually mentioned in the topic of his mother. When it comes to being marry as asked by his mother Jiro easily and playfully said, he must successfully complete the task. This sentence is not perfunctory mother, the feelings between Jiro and his mother are very deep, to let the mother see their own happiness, is Jiro's greatest task.

Source: GDB news
Translated by : Yaluncute@fahrenheitai.blogspot.com