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Saturday, February 19, 2011

#TALB: Aaron Yan afraid to go home, as crazy fellow plays with knife.

Aaron in Red Circle
 FEB 2009

 Crazy neighbour plays with huge butcher knife, Aaron dares not to go home.

At an apartment building in Taipei city ( where Aaron used to live first ), there's a well-known mad man who often carries knife and waves around wildly ( doesn't seem to live there now ), he was so mad that he went to the point of damaging anything that came in his way, he damaged the railings of gates ,
water pipes downstairs, and security camera too, making the cohabitants of the building extremely terrified, including Aaron Yan , member of boy band Fahrenheit , also saw the mad man waving the knife around, so he was afraid to go home.

Fahrenheit member, Aaron Yan (炎亞綸) and 3 female fans just got back to downstairs of their apartment, , seeing the apartment's 1st floor water pipes being cut off, the water spreading all over the place, they all stuck outside as afraid to go pass the mad person. It turns out that Aaron Yan's living area has a crazy neighbor named Cai that likes to wildly play with knife.

Aaron kept on calling through his cellphone to have an aid from police. Before the police arrived, the neighbour went missing, and after the clear signal from police, Aaron and the other 3 fans finally stepped in to their respective homes.

A neighbour explains, "He once used the knife to chop at our home's steel gate, many times, all of these marks are done by him, I just replaced it, let me tell you, he uses the knife to chop at the security camera." The police arrived after the report, but the man who was wildly playing with the knife is nowhere to be seen, once the police left, this man returned to his home, but the butcher knife that he was holding was missing, having this type of crazy neighbor around, no wonder Aaron Yan is so afraid of going home.