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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jiro Wang and Kobayashi Sachiko prayed to have year full of Romance.

Japanese Enka singer Kobayashi Sachiko visited Taiwan , on a sightseeing tour guided by the famous boy band "Fahrenheit" <飛輪海> member "Jiro Wang" <汪东城> . Both went to Tihua street, Xia Hai Temple to worship. Big east said with a smile, "Both are single, so worship GOD to open this year for Peach Flowers (Full Romance)".
Jiro praised the singer and asked, "Can I also go for singing like that".

Jiro Wang asked Sachiko,"How to find the perfect mate"? Kobayashi Sachiko replied: "Empathy and understanding is very important". Jiro said,"Before my emphasis was only for love at first sight, but now I emphasis more on understanding and getting along with each other".

Kobayashi Sachiko was invited by Taiwan Tourism President to have a small tour of Taiwan to enhance tourism relations in Taiwan and Japan. Jiro Wang guided her all the way and took her to eat food. When she saw the pig , a little surprised but after eating said "Its delicious". After that they went to grasp other activities too like, "Fortune Telling","Foot Massage". After foot massage Sachiko felt very special, said that massage is for neck and other weaker parts. Jiro joked that, "Japanese might be wearing heavy red and white props because of occupational injury".

Source: UDN


Bertha said...

Something I made on love:
Motto on love: Fall in love when your ready not when your lonely...here's my poem.

Title:Nobody's Watching
With eyes wide open I watch you walk towards me,
Smiling like a fool, you reach out for me,
Unless you really mean it go ahead and hold me,
I looked out the window expecting to see unfamiliar faces,
Expecting unhappy and angry reactions from different places,
Just to check and figure out what’s real from a fantasy,
I’m scared to be swept off far from reality,
I have nothing against fairy tales for I am a child trapped in a woman’s body,
But I cannot act or play a role only for the entire world to see,
I want and I deserve a peaceful unbroken family,
Where both our priority is you and me,
Some people think expectations are harmless traits,
But you have no idea of the disaster it brings, the brokenness it makes,
Loving someone is not like wrapping them in little gift with perfect bow ties,
Or else you’ll end up fooling yourself and live a complete lie.
Everyday should be a wonderful journey, discovering the person we both want to be,
Do not posses nor control me, I will also let you fly freely,
Let’s just simply be with each other and communicate effectively,
I’ll be your strength when you are weak, you’ll be my voice when I can’t speak,
Growing old together is what we both should seek, not a love affair ending in a week,
So do not start what you cannot finish, don’t serve the entree if you will not stay for the main dish,
It’s the only thing I ask of you, my inner most deepest wish,
So go ahead be frank while nobody’s watching, definitely it will wound me but only for awhile,
Rather than keeping me in the dark with your smile, and watch all the lies mount up in a pile,
I will simply wipe my tears away, don’t worry I’ll take all the responsibility as I watch you walk away,
With no regrets I’ll tell myself it’s okay, I’ll get over you one of these days, then laugh sadly as I heaved, it was brave of me to fall in love anyway.