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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jiro Wang personally helps fans to test their skin.

Pic from Jiro's Personal Weibo.
Fahrenheit boy band member, Idol and an Artist, Jiro Wang, today went to Taichung, as a spokesperson for cosmetics (FANCL Corporation) in department stores, attracting large number of fans and locals to the scene.Jiro Wang have a good skin (as expected ), but also help detect fans skin, he said, "talking about product and maintenance , won't lose to a SALESWOMAN ".

This afternoon (19-FEB-2011), Jiro Wang went to shopping district of Taichung city, Taipei, as a spokesperson for cosmetics company FANCL to a department store.The cosmetics company FANCL along with Apple Computer launched skin testing products/services. Jiro on the spot using the i-Pad,  provided consumers with interactive fun Testing services.

                                                        Jiro helps test skin of a fan
pic from Jiro's original Weibo.
Jiro also share their experience of maintenance, he says , beauty can be said attract from long distance, cannot escape from his friends view, often have to share some tips to friends, he hopes that friends can be around everyday so to maintain good colour.

Jiro not only the embodiment of beauty in the active-site adviser, warned him to use the appropriate care products, skin care, also use the i-Pad for the fans to the skin test, he said that "talking about maintenance, I'm not to lose to SALESWOMAN Oh!. "

Source: LibertyTimes 
Translated by: Yaluncute@Fahrenheitai