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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Aaron Yan to release solo EP in March.

After five years in waiting, Aaron Yan is finally releasing his first solo EP this year.

The singer was put into a boy group Fahrenheit in 2005 with Wu Zun, Jiro Wang, and Calvin Chen. Among the four, he is considered to be the best at singing. Finally after five years, he is releasing his first solo EP in March.

Rumors about Fahrenheit breaking up have been on going for years. Now releasing a CD on his own, Aaron was asked again the same question. However, he denied the break-up again.

"Fahrenheit still exists, and we will continue to release an album together."

Source: Apple Daily
Translation @Kay's Entertainment


Anonymous said...

Best wishes to Aaron! :)

Fahrenheit Jia You :D

Bertha said...

Aaron always remember to keep the serenity within you, be one with your music, I remember how I let the piano heal my frustrations, I cry and talk to it funny right, let the music in you heal others too....learn to ignore those that destroys you...you cannot let others break the joy in you, if lack of rest then don't ask for rest, take a break honey ;-) health is wealth, losing your health for fame is not worth it...your fans will understand.

Bertha said...

Dearest Aaron,
It’s sad that your in a world where people and your target audience have not identified yet who they are, and so they would decorate life with so many complications multi- colored facades and never get satisfied, they will always clamour for new things and easily get bored. And as an artist which most have failed to identify is their purpose, is to make music as an expression of what the soul yearns. They say in every aspect of life we must have some struggles we go through that eventually brings us growth, but because this process is often painful we tend to neglect these emotions. I want you learn a few lessons from a blind man named Andrea Bocelli, he has no perception of how ugly the world is and so all he can see is it’s beauty, this is your path to make the beauty in music a reality and turn a blind eye on the world’s brokenness. Reality will make you journey into these brokenness but with a strong heart that each wound makes you become a better person, then only then you will truly find the real meaning of victory, and everyone will marvel at your strength and be inspired of it. So take heart let your music heal people’s wounds, it doesn’t matter if the world liked it as long as you did your part, singing for fame will not lead you to greatness.Have joy in your heart be not afraid....