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Friday, February 4, 2011

TALB : Concerts of Injuries.

HongKong Concert

Fahrenheit came to HongKong Coliseum for their concert, and they give their best to make their fans happy.But during solo performance, Wu Chun injured his leg that left him no choice but to sit or stand on fixed spot during group performance. All other dancing and acrobatic moves were left to other team members.

During Friday's concert, with the melody of "Immortal Mystery" [不死之謎], he handsomely came onstage with right hand holding steel wire but because he landed too quickly, his left leg hit hard against the stage floor. Even though he was in pain, he did not say a word and planned to keep up to the end of show. Only when employees noticed that his dance movements were a bit strange did they make inquiries and realise that his left leg had been seriously injured. After simple treatment by medical personnel at the location, he was immediately sent to hospital for inspection.

After performing X-Ray, a slight laceration was discovered and doctor suggested that he must not run or jump or do any excersize like those for 2-3 weeks. After that night rest, Wu Chun still carried on stage to next night for performance. After the concert , he returned to his HomeLand to rest and get the treatment.

Malaysia  Concert

Jiro still performed on with his sprained wrist. He sprained his right hand while practising dance moves.

Aaron tried well hard to perform as last night before concert he got gastroenteritis.

Jiro has to come jumping over a fence that was on the stage prepared , but when he jumped using his right hand, his fingers got cut by some protruding sharp nails on the fence. But, Jiro get well all the way, didn't even noticed about his fingers getting hurt. He combined sung 5 songs with other members, and when it was time to get hold of the glow sticks (tubelights), he realised that he can't hold them well, then only got notice of his hand.

The concert was performed for almost a full three hours, towards the end the 4 of them sang "Shuang Jie Gun" and Arron made a mistake in his performance. Whilst he was walking around on the stage, it was obvious that he was feeling uncomfortable walking and turning on the stage. He needed more assistance from Calvin and Jiro before he could stand.Despite this, Arron gave his best performance and didn't let the fans be disappointed. Despite the risk during the performance he still sang and danced again, not allowing his performance standard to be affected.
Fahrenheit at Malaysia Concert.

More exaggerated was that,  threw the light sticks too high that eventually hit Aaron on his head. Jiro tried to get his hands on the black guitar, diamond studded one, costing upto 5 million, but due to the injury didn't able to do so, causing some-what of uproar in fans. Aaron said afterwards, "We enjoyed a lot, but didn't thought it will end up this way".


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