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Sunday, February 6, 2011

#TALB : Being Fahrenheit member is not a piece of cake..

Fahrenheit crying
April 6, 2008

Fahrenheit held an international fan meeting at Taipei Nangang Sports Center. Hundreds of fans from all over the world rushed to the venue. After being in the showbiz for 2 years, Fahrenheit all became physically hurt. They traded their health for the job. Being an idol is no easy feat, as such when all members of Fahrenheit think back about the past, their eyes brimmed with tears.

When Fahrenheit turned up for this event, their fans got a shock. Calvin Chen was observed to lose a lot of weight. His weight of 65kg dropped to 60kg, making him look like a bamboo. He explained that he had problems with his stomach, thus losing weight.

Aaron Yan, who was busy with his filming, said he went for a 2nd operation on his knee. It was a tough period for him as he needed to perform a lot of action moves for the drama. The doctor says he needs to go for a 3rd operation as the situation bad for him. He was worried that he can’t play basketball again.

Wu Chun and Jiro Wang are having eye problems. Wu Chun wore contact lens for too long and caused him to have problems with his cornea. Jiro Wang, on the other hand has xerophthalmia, making him unable to wear contacts anymore. This is a difficult task for him as he has myopia of 300 degrees and can’t see clearly without lens.

They were shown encouragement given by their families. When Wu Chun saw Jiro’s mum on the VCR, he cried saying he missed his mum too. He did not manage to spend time with his family in Brunei as he came to work at Taiwan. He missed his family a lot and was guilty for not being able to spending enough time with them.
Wu Zun crying