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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wu Zun: Innocent,Dedicated.. will be a perfect boyfriend.

Hong Kong heartthrob Wu Chun, Brunei born from a wealthy families, is to worry about food and clothing of the rich young man, but he has not become a second-generation ancestor. Not to mention the acting career, and even the family business have done everything, always carries a portable computer processing business. Set in a popular idol and a businessman, he is too busy to know a girl to get married, and he said that a mate is very simple: "The most important thing is to feel right."
  Business articles
Wu Chun, the foreground has been busy with not enough rest time, but still heart is with home gym business. To always be aware about the company, he will bring every Laptop counterparts abroad. Wu Chun said: "Now not everything is restricted to themselves, I'll bring my Laptop with me, anywhere can easily handle your business. I hope the next step could be to open stores in Shanghai, would like to be outside in Brunei an effort towards internationalization. "visible Chun dedication is strong.
  Breakthrough areas of playing a battle
Born Wu Chun Liang burst mirror, almost drowned in the role of the speech, to achieve a breakthrough, natural alternative to play some role. He smiled and said do not mind playing a battle, asked to sacrifice for art can be exposed to performing? He said: "to look at the script and if I can play too, and does not dress is OK, but not just off. (To acting as a lifelong career?) It depends, if you are happy with it, it will have to do forever. "Hollywood actor he would most like to co-Weir Smith, like the other performed the film" "Bad Boys" ", eager to be taken in each other's partner in the screen; not any female artists in particular want to cooperate. For the external appearance similar to that he and Linda, Wu Zun Cap hat watching each other with short hair dressed according to the neutral, said: "I have not seen her alive, but that picture really is a little alike."
  Love articles
Wu Zun career started with a bang, but somethings seem to have no feelings of improvement. Angela, Ariel, and SHE member Ella, etc. all are just rumored girlfriend, have not yet secured Destiny's Child. But he is not in a hurry, well aware of the urgency is also no quick fix, or let it do a good feeling, too busy anyway.
 Wu Chun said earnestly: "It's no time, too busy working it! (Whether people would choose to do girlfriend circle?) Is not necessarily the most important is feeling, feeling arises if there is love, but have not yet met to. (what a mate does?) no specific conditions, there is not much time to think about. to start a relationship, I would think a lot of things, like how to allocate the time, there is not enough time to be with each other, whether she would because I have to sacrifice some things and or under a big pressure and so on. is so busy working that he dare not to think too much, or let it go. "everywhere the other half for the sake of the future, from the other side feeling off, I believe that Wu Chun will be a thoughtful and attentive boyfriend.
  Innocent love cook
He also blew did the most romantic and most tender thing: "the age of fifteen in the Brunei coast, for the first time the courage to hold a girl's hand. Also deliberately tried to learn his girlfriend likes to eat the dishes , and then cook the whole thing she likes to eat the table for her to eat. "do not have to feel alone, have been very charming to listen to.
In recent years, the entertainment Hing hiding underground conditions or marriage, but Wu Zun behave gracefully, do not mind an open relationship. He said: "Look, I do not mind open, they do not affect the other a normal life. (Married?) Are determined to see the situation, I would like to open, just do not want the identity of the family because I was too hard. (Whether would give birth to children?) course. (You will be strict father or a loving father?) I think I'm different as well. "asked the family may have to marry? Wu respectfully: "I'm just back to Brunei for a year or two, are festive have time to go back, and my father had never been urging, he would not speak my heart out on it, he is quite shy, like me, so I will understand his mind. "
Wu Zun often had to fly around since childhood, every time the torch will go abroad on luggage. He said: "Since he was little he went abroad with his father,my father always kept a flashlight with him as for fear of power failure or the hotel fire, so will bring a flashlight with me, I have grown up with that little habit."
  Unsuccessfully urged fans car chase
Since it is a glamorous, natural support and follow a large number of fans, of which there are also some strange requirements and the excesses of the fans. Wu Zun laughed and said: "There was a fan of the Mainland, she gave her passport to me and asked me to take her away, everyone was so scared."
Fans often disregard the safety & try to chase the car, Wu Chun so much helpless, has urged fans not to do: "Many people say do not listen, and sometimes too fast too close with the car chase, but also almost an accident, so regardless of their own and the safety of others, its a really bad behavior. (how to persuade people like it?) I sometimes remind them on my blog, or speak out through the media, but also will directly tell them I do not want them to do so. "

Credits: (Editor: Zhou Miaomiao) xinmin.cn