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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tai Re : Fahrenheit turns up the Heat

FAHRENHEIT has been prolific since their formation in 2005.

Aaron Yan, Wu Chun, Calvin Chen and Jiro Wang have made it to the silver screen and variety shows.
They may be very different individuals but as a band, they are as tight as their mentors, pop girl group S.H.E.

There's Yan the pretty boy, Wu the foodie, Chen the optimist and Wang the hard worker.

And their latest album, Super Hot, showcases their individual talents as well as their talent as a band.
According to Wu, album producer Bing Wang used Super Hot's music videos to show off Fahrenheit's full repertoire of dance moves.

Golden Melody Award winners Ah Di Zai helped the Taiwanese boy band in producing the album and producer Chen Wei wrote the lyrics.

The A-list contributions will definitely boost the album's marketability.
Wang thinks the album is groundbreaking as it is experimental, including the unconventional way the music video was shot.

He said: 'The songs were sung by all four of us.
'In our last album (Love You More And More), I played the leading role in the music video Stay With Me.
'Yan took the lead in another music video, Lonesome Sprint.
'So for this album, Wu and (Taiwanese host) Patty Hou took the leading roles for the music video Cherish Your Heartache.
'Wu is very keen on working behind the scenes. He even doubled as the scriptwriter for the part in which he played a handsome bodyguard who protects Patty's character from crazy fans.'

That leaves only Chen, who remains sanguine.
With his trademark smile, he said: 'My fans needn't worry as I'll surprise them soon.
'I'm like this. The secret and the answers are written all over my face.'

So, will the boys be releasing solo albums, just like Hebe Tien of S.H.E?
'Our record company has plans for our music,' they revealed.
'The company may consider solo albums if there are songs that are more suitable for our individual styles.
'We're discussing releasing solo albums in the future with the company.
'But for now, we're very happy to celebrate our fifth anniversary and we hope, like S.H.E, we can stay together for a decade.
'We hope all of us can work towards our personal goals, be it excelling in singing, dancing or acting.
'Not only will this help our personal development, but our improved skills will greatly help Fahrenheit's future productions.'

Credits: New paper.