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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Death Girl : Too tired with last 4 episodes shoot.

He’s really trying his best to keep them open – The cast of "Gloomy Salad Days (死神少女)" introduced their new drama at a screening yesterday. Aaron Yan and director Zero Chou (周美玲) looked visibly tired as they have been reshooting the last 4 episodes due to script rewrites. “Death Girl” Serena Fang was in even worst condition – She fainted on set while filming at 2 am on the previous night. The actress, who suffers from asthma, experienced a shortness of breath before blacking out completely. She next found herself waking up at the hospital, “(It) felt like a meeting with ‘Death’.” They really don’t have much time left because “Gloomy” is set to premiere this Saturday at 9 pm (local time) on PTS.

Aaron Yan recently got himself into a bit of controversy over his blog. Some thought his “title” (username) was over the top as he called himself “炎天王Aaron (Heavenly King Yan Aaron)”. King Yan later explained his real name was in fact taken by another user so he just wanted to express his creativity. He also criticized some fans for requesting to take photos with him when he hasn’t slept for five days due to filming.

At the event, he clarified, “I’m constantly 'educating' them; love is not like that.” Although his company successfully got his real username back, many fans still addressed him as “Heavenly King Yan” with the flower baskets they sent to the premiere. As for the drama, Aaron Yan revealed there will be a bed scene involving him and Serena Fang. He is preparing for it by getting his six-pack ready.
Credits: PT.tw