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Friday, October 29, 2010

Jiro & Calvin's photo with SNSD incurs wrath of otaku fans.

Calvin & Jiro with SNSD.

Shortly after South Korea's popular girl group SNSD wrapped up their musical performance on stage in Taiwan, the nine ladies had an opportunity to meet with Jiro and Calvin of popular Taiwanese boyband Fahrenheit. In addition, both groups commemorated their meeting with a friendly group photo.

Little did the members of SNSD and Fahrenheit know that after their photo of them posing together was posted online through MTV's website, hundreds of fans reacted with vitrolic and hateful comments such as "Those artists are so privileged that they can just pose with SNSD in a photo. How repulsive!" and "Those artists have it made, not having to wait in line or invest all their strengths to get up close with SNSD. We ordinary people can only watch from afar!"
Calvin with ZE:A
However, not only are Jiro and Calvin cultural ambassadors in South Korea and Japan through their group Fahrenheit, but Calvin also host his own show on MTV called "Japan, Korea, Music Craze" that is dedicated to the latest pop music news from those two countries. In addition, the Taiwanese group's cultural exchanges with South Korean artists is considered a type of fan service, such as their group photos with South Korean boy band ZE:A when they visited in Taiwan or with South Korean boy band DBSK when they went to South Korea. According to Fahrenheit, each exchange with their foreign counterparts gives their fans even more opportunities to see their idols.

Fahrenheit with DBSK.

Credits: Source~~ UDN.
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Wendy said...

I don't see any wrong with people taking photos together, be it celebrities or commoners. Fahrenheit is senbei to some of these Kgroups by the way. They all shine so much, so what's the problem? Fans don't own their idols/stars. Be happy with what they do or just move on. I'm happy for all these music groups for doing so well.

ms.led said...

i agree with what she said ..
and if you really love your idol
thah much,all you have to do is to support them ..
we,the fans serves as their inspiration and not their enemy or so whatever

ms.led said...

as for me
i can say that i'm one of their fan ..
i am really addicted to them ..
but i don't see anything wrong regarding that issue instead i'm very much happy 'coz this only means that they are really popular ..