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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Aaron's Birthday concert on 20-11-2010.(Poster is out)

Fahrenheit's youngest member Aaron Yan's celebrates his birthday with his fans by doing a birthday concert. The money collected is given as charity as always he did on previous birthday's.

The poster for his birthday concert is out.
It's on Saturday 20-11-2010 , 19:30 onwards @ The Wall.
Tickets for the concert began to open to sell from today.
For details please visit : http://www.indievox.com/a/thewall/event-post/6042

Fans have always been attending his birthday concert enthusiastically & its value increases with the generous good will motive to gave that money earned as charity. Hopes that this time also fans will support it.

 Jiro's autograph session in Mainland.           

 " Van Gogh and Me " will place the mainland signings be announced November 20 (f) Liaoning Province, Shenyang City Plaza, West Wanda 14:00.

Autograph session officially began on November 21 (Sunday) Third Ring Road Beijing West Windsor KTV Garden Bridge started signing at shop 14:00.