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Monday, October 25, 2010

Fahrenheit denied rumours to disband.

Popular group Fahrenheit have to keep running as scheduled to promote their album "Super Hot". Yesterday afternoon, Fahrenheit conference in Changsha, a sports spokesperson asked them  in the face that they heard so much rumours of disbanding in downtown.the four of them completely denied it.

Solo rumors?

Fahrenheit debut for five years, beginning from the debut has been faced with the rumours of dissolution. Recently Taiwan media broke the news that their contract is about to expire, and Jiro & Aaron have plans to going solo. Wu Zun said he think of killing themselves.

In this regard, four shouted shaking his head said that currently there are no plans of separate pieces. Aaron also stressed: "I think that our combined strenghth of four is more, now I have not thought about the relevant solo plan, and four of us are understanding each other more & more."

Then four also said that although a combination of Fahrenheit, but their development are relatively independent, there is no mutual restraint and embarrassing position, "Fahrenheit most of the members have tried acting, singing, presided over the various work plan for the future hope to be able to become all-around entertainer. In fact, more of us are good friends privately, and made music together, became a band, we all join hands to do one thing that's a pleasure. "

Actors pay cut? Willing to get less for good role.

Wu Zun Fahrenheit apparently one of the most successful, and its in "Jin Yiwei" ,the fight scenes also received a higher rating. Work plan for the next, Wu Zun expressed interest in terms of emphasis on film and television. But for the film and television actor called "pay cut" that is quite high, worth a lot of money, Wu Zun is how to treat?

Wu Zun admitted does not value the fee of the price tag: "In fact, the producers and the fee of the major brokerage firms are consultations, but I think if the roles are good, how much pay is not that important, if met a good role, I think to lower the price is nothing. "

 Aaron said: "As Wu Zun said, the artist is more concerned about the quality of his play out than the paycheck, it really does not make sense to compare pays."

Credits: sina.cn