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Monday, March 12, 2012

Wu Chun 'heals the environment' with tree planting event

Wu Chun with two of his young fans planting a tree.

Staff and members of Fitness Zone with Wu Chun giving the thumbs up at the tree planting event.

Wu Chun with representatives from the Forestry Department at the event. - PHOTOS: HAKIM HAYAT
Superstar and fitness mogul Wu Chun led a team of his fitness chain's staff and members to a tree planting activity at the Berakas Forest Reserve yesterday morning.

Held in conjunction with Fitness Zone's 8th anniversary, this is its second tree planting activity organised in its campaign to give back to the environment. The event was also supported by the Forestry Department at the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources (MIPR).

Wu Chun said, "At Fitness Zone, it is not always about living healthy but also about living right."

Commenting on the event he said they "wanted to thank the earth for giving us such a beautiful place to live in and tree planting was one way of reconnecting with the Earth".

"I love trees as they are part of our everyday lives; it brings about so many benefits for humans, however we sometimes ignore their presence and only take notice when they are gone. I always believe that we should cherish things before they are gone!"

Wu Chun said sadly today, humans are the main contributory factor to environmental pollution and we are facing the biggest threat to our planet today: climate change.
"We should heal the environment from time to time!" he exclaimed.

He went on to say that "all the little things will make a difference to our future generation which is extremely important". This is why Fitness Zone will commit to be consistent and conduct more activities from time to time to create awareness and educate the public.
"I hope more people will be inspired to join such activities because it is always the little things that citizens do make a big change!" he said.

Wu Chun said organising this campaign makes him feel proud. He shared a story where he managed to convince one his fitness zone members to join the activity because he told her to celebrate the birth of her daughter by planting a tree. "How wonderful is that!" he said.

By Hakim Hayat
Source: BorneoBulletin