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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Aaron Yan Lost 7 Pounds In A Month For His Album Promotion.

Yesterday, Aaron Yan was in Shanghai, event organized by Eastern Broadcasting Co., Ltd., Shanghai to promote the debut solo album " The next Aaron Yan ", the album includes 6 singles, each of the song represents a different character. Previously Wu Chun rumored solo & now Aaron , Fahrenheit aftermath of the crisis of  dissolution , to which Aaron replied: "Fahrenheit will continue to go next year we will perform together, and will release an album in the name of Fahrenheit. "

Aaron's album sold very well in Taiwan, reelected charts for three weeks, even more than the current futures results Fahrenheit. This result, unexpected Aaron said: "The company told me on April 1st Single album sales won the week, I thought it was April Fool's joke. " It is reported that Aaron in order to promote the album Within a month of lost 7 pounds. He said his biggest dream is to become like Andy: "Andy is my role model . His art of 30 years, every day hard work. more unusual is that he basically have no negative news. "

When Aaron Yan's album won the sales record, China Institute decided to held his first solo concert on June 11. In this regard, Aaron excitedly, but also feeling the pressure: "it gone then ah, the first one to face so many viewers, and will definitely be nervous. " It is reported that the concert will be held at the Taipei Arena, Yan King Aaron will sing the album's six songs and cover songs of other people, but does not include Fahrenheit songs.

Source: cq.people.com.cn
TranslatedBy: Yaluncute@fahrenheitai.blogspot.com


Bertha said...

Ok is it me or why is Aaron and Chun sporting the same hair? Oh my goodness I'm totally zipping it
;-)Aaron darling it seems your flying high now and I'm still a fish LOL...huh I hope you don't mind if I take my own flight now....holler if you need me and uhm when I say I love you don't think romance cause that be creepy for both of us (I'm still a stranger to you so far and you have the entire population of Taiwan to choose from anyway unless you wanna have tea with me )but I do love you as you are honey mwah....and don't take off more than your shirt I'd be aghast again and try to threaten everyone...and try to gain the weight yah lost both you and Chun, stick and bones...why????

Bertha said...

Just something I wrote to share to Feifei fans:

Title:LIFE is a GAME No Pain No Gain.
For as far as I can remember I have driven myself to the cliff just to learn the things life has taught me today. I have gone home from practice from Taekwondo with a sore abdomen and shins when most girls my age are out flirting with boys and playing Barbie. Coming home with trophies and medals from tournaments which my mother never watched a single game and I definitely envied those who had their family to cheer for them while I was alone to win the battle (yes nobody hugged and beamed at me proudly as they hang the medal around my neck). But then it would have comforted me if my mom recognized that I brought home the bacon even with bruises and black eyes all over my face, but instead all of them were put in a box to be eaten by cobwebs (including cheer leading trophies). But what I went through have been my foundation in every obstacle I face, NO PAIN NO GAIN. It has taught me that in this world you cannot always have what you expect from people but you can always be at your best and appreciate yourself and hope they will too. It was my choice to go against my mother’s wishes to enter such a violent sports so I should expect her not to support me. These are the consequences of my choices in life and it has brought me both pain and joy. And if I were to be reborn I would go through the same process, for my strength lies in the ACCEPTANCE of my FAILURES and to GAIN the WISDOM that comes with it, and to have the chance to correct them. Maybe one of these days some I may win it all who knows? As long as I keep playing and I ain’t stopping right? I’m just gonna enjoy the game of LIFE ;-)

Bertha said...

Title:The Wisdom of a Fool
I was told to always use my head
So I can avoid uncalculated risk
So it kept me up all night on my bed
Thinking and analyzing the things I did
Then suddenly I was inspired about the thought of love
How do I measure something unquantifiable? Asking myself what if?
Then I started to vacate my comfort zone
And journeyed towards the unknown
I fell for someone I haven’t met
It made me leap for joy and brought me tons of tears to shed
My innocent heart was torn and crushed into tiny shreds
You see my heart is big enough to love the entire world
But it will only choose to hold on to one person even to the thinnest thread
So here I am moving on empty handed, seeking for someone that is real
I will not give up the search, not matter how many times I bleed
I will find that unearthed treasure no one can steal
That one person who will choose to stay with me and treat me right
And teach me the joy of how to openly receive, for I have been giving all my life
But I ‘m still grateful for all the pains and strife
For I have known from the start that life is a risk
If I have not loved and lost then I would have not lived.
By: Bertha