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Monday, March 12, 2012

1500 Japanese fans attend Aaron Yan’s fan meeting

Aaron Yan was in Tokyo a few days ago to hold two fan meetings. Although the fan meetings were supposed to have only 1400 people, the organizers managed to squeeze in 1500 fans, who shelled out 7,400 yen for the tickets. During the first fan meeting, Aaron was so nervous that his voice cracked when he sang and played the piano for the “Lion King” theme song, “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”. He quickly apologized and the fans cheered him on.

Since Aaron had been busy filming the upcoming idol drama, “Give Alice A Miracle”, he didn’t have much time to practice the song. In fact, he didn’t get off work until 1am just the day before leaving for Tokyo. Nonetheless, he made use of his breaks during filming and especially took a day off to practice on the piano.

Aaron’s popularity could be seen as his fans’ ages ranged from 5 to 70 years old. He hoped that he would be able to perform at five different cities in Japan next year. Since he bruised his arms and the right side of his face due to filming, over half of the six large boxes of gifts he received were ointments, bandages, hand warmers, and food.
Source:  popasia
Original Source: Appledaily