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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Aaron Yan got mobbed again on reaching Guangzhou.

Incident Dated : 18 May 2012

Aaron Yan , the youngest member of Taiwan's boy-band Fahrenheit, once again got troubled look on his face at the Guangzhou airport. This incident is not a new one as previously also Yalun got mobbed at the Guangzhou airport many a times. 

There wasn't enough security provided at all , not even the medium level one by the organizers, only a few ( just two) guards were seen at the airport, that were also of HIM. 

As Yalun made his way outside of the airport , the moment fans saw him he got all surrounded with Camera's flashing right on his face. For a moment he remain standing at the middle of the way as the way was all blocked and he seems a bit uneasy. Puddings were all pushing each other & some of them even went on touching him.  

Aaron was telling them , " Do not push , Do not squeeze". He was seen telling the puddings to be safe all the way to his van waiting outside for him.

Why he is in Gyangzhou?
Aaron Yan in is Guangzhou, China right now (19 May) . Aaron Yan is in Guangzhou to participate in “毕业季“ concert. Below is the pic of him practicing .  

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yaluncute @ fahrenheitai.blogspot.com