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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fahrenheit to move on without Wu Chun

Wu Chun posing for a promotional photo shoot.
Brunei-born Asia superstar Wu Chun is no longer a member of the famed Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit.
According to a report from Channel NewsAsia, Taiwan music label HiM International Music confirmed in a statement on Wednesday that Brunei-born actor-singer Wu Chun has decided to leave popular Taiwan boy band Fahrenheit.

"HiM tried to persuade him and assured him better projects are being planned, in the hopes of keeping Wu Chun in the group. But Wu Chun still decided to leave the group in the end," HiM said in a statement. "We respect his decision and wish him all the best in his future endeavours."

However, the music label stressed that Fahrenheit, which debuted as a foursome in 2006, will continue to perform and release albums, albeit as a trio.

"Wu Chun's departure has been confirmed but Fahrenheit will continue with Aaron Yan, Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen pursuing their dreams together, working hard to grow and unite to develop Fahrenheit," HiM said. "Fahrenheit will not disband because of Wu Chun's departure."

Source: BorneoBulletin
Article By: James Con


angelgirlxoxo♥ said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! Wu chun why?!?!?! I'll support fahrenheit 4ever!! & to be honest when Jiro♥, Aaron & Calvin were filming x-family, they were good as a 3some & wu chun came into the group late, so it's understandable ): BUT a better idea HIM should get xiu - from the x-family OR danson tang to join Fahrenheit ♥ :D sorry wuchun!!! But I'll miss you & so will all your fans!!! ^^ ♥

Anonymous said...

when i read this news on channelnews asia it broke my heart. i really wanted to get fahrenheit performs in person. even though they will continue...it won't be the same without wu chun. =(

raelyn said...

what a sad news to all fei fans :(
i must admit that i'm really disappointed with wu chun's decission as well as with him ..
coz i've been striving so hard to be able to be a great person for them to be proud of me wen the time comes that i am able to see them in person ..
my tears seems to fall wen i heard this news but i know that ther's nothing i can do ..
on the other hand i'm still happy that they'll asure(jiro,calvin and aaron) that fei lun hai won't disband due to this issue..

i will pray hard for wu chun's career as well as those three ..
for me they are still stuck together and no matter what,whenever i hear the word fei lun hai or fahrenheit,those FOUR persons would come rushing down my mind .. i love them all and i'm gonna support them till my last breathe end ^^

lya violet said...

s0 sad to hear all this...hope there will be someone replace him..as danson tang..but it can't be same....

Bertha said...

Raelyn Honey I admire your honesty a hug for you!!!! But you are perfect as you are and no one can be more proud of you but yourself....we admire these people as they sacrifice their personal lives for the sake of others happiness, but like what they say "life is like a wild river, there will always be rough and calm waters and the simple way to survive is to ride it not fight it"

But I'll give you a piece of advice, live your dreams rather than plan to meet the man of your dreams....because "somewhere in the middle of living your dreams you may find him standing there in between"!!!! CHEERS PEOPLE LIFE IS TOO GRAND FOR TEARS!!!!!

MrsChun Ni WuChun said...

awww... how sad... i wish that oncec he enlightened his mind, he will go back to fahrenheit and hopefully, they'll accept him agian...

i think this is a big challenge to Fahrenheit because one of their heartthrobs are gone..

but no need to worry, with or without wu chun in fahrenheit, i will still support all of them because i know that the original Fahrenheit will still soar up high no matter what happens...


Bertha said...

Title: Will Of The Wind

I spent half my life
Looking at the reasons things must change.
And half my life trying to make them stay the same.
But love would fade like summer into fall;
All that I could see was a mystery,
It made no sense at all.

The will of the wind, you feel it and then,
It will pass you blowing steady.
It comes and it goes, and God only knows,
You must keep your sails on ready.
So when it begins, get all that you can;
You must befriend the will of the wind.

I spent so many hours
Just thinkin' 'bout the way things might have been.
And so many hours trying to bring the good times back again.
And so it goes for lonely hearted fools;
They let their days just slipe away,
Until they give into...


lalyn said...

that was a bad news for me because i really love Fahrenheit, but it's chun's decision so we must respect it...but i will still support Fahrenheit as usual..

but even they're no longer belong to a one band, i still love them...for me no matter what happened Fahrenheit will still remain as Fahrenheit...

Anonymous said...

it's a pity for me to know that wu zun got a wife already :(((( he's really my love <3 well .. good thing he already settled down and living a good life . even i am very nang guo learning that he already left the group :(( i felt incomplete :((

Bertha love Bumble Bee Autobot said...

Funny story, I loved this man (Chunnie) for two years, and it's hard to simply know a person by what he makes for a living,well I like planning my life 5 years ahead so if unexpected things happens it kills me...at some point I would still love to hear the truth from him...but in any case I would love to keep a healthy and productive life as well so I will not wallow on this...sometimes obstacles arise or wall may stand in a way to make us realize up to where we can love a person...I LOVED AND HE WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART THIS CHUN....whatever makes him happy makes me happy, and he has been a better man for his family, it's enough for me...HE WAS ENOUGH FOR ME even before....he will continue to be the best because he choose to be the best and loving guy I know ;-) Actor or not I just saw you as who you are no mask....I will always keep a prayer in my heart for you CHUN bless you!

Anonymous said...

awww.. wu chun, its so sad that u left fahrenheit.....for a record, u have a fan club in India!....and we will always root for you!!!