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Monday, March 7, 2011

Aaron Yan go fully Naked for his Album's MV shoot.

 Aaron Yan's upcoming first solo mini album 《下一個炎亞綸》"The Next Aaron Yan" recently is a big expected one in Taiwan. Recently, the album's song "Next I" <下一個我>  MV's trailer exposed by HIM International in which Aaron went on stripping his clothes~~ gloves, jacket, shirt, shoes ~~  else left to the viewer's imagination that -- Did he went on fully naked??
The answer is : " YES " .

Thank You Fahrenheit : < 感謝飛輪海 >

Excited about his first solo Album, Aaron said: "Thank You Fahrenheit for all these 5 years, I have learned a lot, have seen many changes whether to get along with staff members, Fahrenheit helped me grow faster" .

About his "Next I" <下一個我> MV shoot :

The new album " The Next Aaron Yan " will show Aaron's split personality. For the first MV shoot, Aaron said excitedly : "I only slept for 3 hours on that day, to get ready at 5 early morning. The day's temperature was only 12 degree Celsius on the roof of 16 floor building ". Aaron Yan took off his clothes one by one, first MV for his personal nude performance, staff prepared skin-coloured pants for Aaron to wear and go half naked as to appear fully naked, but Aaron was determined to fight, and appear nude in one go.

Cold wind blowing on the roof top on shooting day, Aaron Yan joked that his face's nerve's all dead can't feel anything. Stripping fails, NG again and again, Aaron shouted, "Cold, Help Ah". No females were there ( Of Course, Aaron is so shy ), just the main male staff was left. Aaron along with 3 staff members present to shoot, emotionally brewing, after 10 minutes , got one OK.

Credits: NowNews
TranslatedBy: Yaluncute@fahrenheitai.blogspot.com


Bertha said...

Aaron what the HELLLL!!!! HIM what are you doing!!!! What does your mom have to say about this, I can patronize this and it would be okay if your posing for Michael Angelo....Aaron your making me cry honey!!!!There are healthy ways to seduce people like the piped piper...WHHHHYYYYY!!!!I'm crying out of frustration I see another Britney Spears in the making....your so talented you don't have to make a show....I love your innocent side not the DARK SIDE....naughty can be innocent too but this????I'm so sad!!!!!Your like Chun making me sad all the time....I was hoping someday my future kids can look up to you!!!!(if I get married).Wahhuhuhuhu :-(

Bertha said...

Aaron I'll tell you a secret about people since I'm in sales, now is the era where people rejects a full packaged product, Media is like looking through a magnifying glass...but since Youtube, American Idol, and America's Got Talent it has opened people's view to the real talents existing somewhere, it reminds me Disney's Ratatouille which by the way my most fave cause I love to cook, "Motto is Talent can come from anywhere" the gift of media they can always see what they choose the mass to see....so if you focus on Darkness then that's what you get, but if you focused on emerging from darkness then that's wonderful....where is your management's creativity I challenge them to deliver, I care because this is my world that gets corrupts....our families deserve a better world and music plays a big role...it can control emotions that drives action....an artist go through a journey where they grow and this is what audience are more interested with that's why Stars stay in the sky longer, if no more growth then it falls from the sky and die....that's why I told you to cherish your youth and growth....that coach in Black Swan lack people skills to bring out the passion out of Nina, he could not motivate and since Nina was sick it triggered her dark side that's why end up breaking....sex is not the only source of passion in this world if it is so then old people who have no sex life loses a sense of purpose to live....yes shallowness is a big disease in society.

lingling96 said...

give Aaron credit!! He's been in a lot of sickness!!! This album really pushes him, yes it maybe be um erm ... But still he's making an effort since Fahrenheit aren't actually splited up, just working in different areas^^
Aaron has changed a lot! He's grown up lots!!! I saw on YouTube he cried lots in the pass and one YouTube clip, he didn't want to take off his shirt XD but Calvin got him to^^ love him!!~~
Go Go Go Aaron!!!! ^~^ <3 •DO UR BEST!!• >v<

Bertha said...

@ Lingling Am I bad if I'm trying to protect Aaron, I'm not mad at him I'm mad at the people behind this, I don't know if Aaron have a say about the MV...I cannot give credit to something that eventually has no good outcome if your in sales you'll know a bad business proposal when you see one....like I said before he renewed that contract he should have asked for specific career objectives with specific timelines....Taylor Swift has a good one....we need goals to measure performance...huh I'm practically begging people to handle him well....read between the lines honey....

Bertha said...

A Poem for Aaron I wrote it:

Title:A Mother’s cry for her wounded son

One day when the sun refuses to shine and darkness seems to drown you,
I will send my comfort through the sound of silence and wipe your tears,
As I stroke your hair and sing to you a lullaby to drown the emptiness the world has given,
That restless heart will soon find its rest and you will lie in the bosom of my chest,
Let me clothe your nakedness with wisdom and help you battle your rebellious mind,
Have I not warned you that they will leave you battered and wounded when no more joy can be found in your soul....
So here I am lying beside you lifeless protecting you in my arms, I can still hear you breathing while I am about to lose mine,
Take my heart for I cannot bear to see you drift away in sorrows, so I tore my chest apart
In my palm is the source of joy the heart that beats for my son, take my love, take my joy
Let it be the music of your heart, I am your mother and till my last breathe, I weep for my wounded son....