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Monday, July 4, 2011

Aaron Yan Upset About Hurting Incident.

A series of unfortunate events have been trailing the Taiwanese band, Fahrenheit. One of which was when Aaron Yan was reportedly on the verge of beating up a fan after he hurled a lighter and splashed water at the singer, according to Xin MSN website.

However, at an event in Hong Kong, Aaron denied the report and said, "I am really saddened by the incident. Although I understand that all fans will try their best to protect their idol, I hope that they can be a little more rational and less aggressive."

In another matter, when asked if his solo career caused an internal conflict amongst the group, Aaron shared that going solo does not mean that Fahrenheit will be disbanding.

At the same time, Aaron had reportedly stopped following group member Calvin Chen posts on his micro blog, which sparked rumours of them not getting along.

In response to this, Aaron said, "When we first started using micro blog, it was more for promotional purposes. We have stopped following one another's micro blog to avoid unnecessary problems. Everyone should not take this too seriously."

Credits : sg.news.yahoo.com


Melanie Yap said...

awwww D:
i hope fahrenheit will stop being harmed. especially arron D:

Bertha love Bumble Bee Autobot said...


My sweet rebellious child,
I’ve seen you in black and leather wear
In ripped pants and shiny colored hair

The say your temper is explosive
Your words slices, your actions destructive
All about you is so offensive

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Misunderstood by many

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Anonymous said...

They should have lynched this fugliest member of Fahrenheit. His sooo plastic!

DARK ANGEL said...

Above comment....I challenge you to a duel...ahaha Whatever rude person....may you be the most beautiful person in the world to have the right to say anyone is ugly....anyway be careful what you wish for other people you might get it yourself


Bertha love Bumble Bee Autobot said...

Why do I love Aaron so much...because I could smell his fear a thousand miles away....he feels so SMALL he thinks he's never good enough....He needed to be with his three friends when he sang...he's scared to be alone....

He inspired me to write this....

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Bumble Bee Autobot loves Bertha LOL said...

Aaron as you sing I will keep writing okay deal!!!! mwah!!!!

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To watch him conquer and push him to win

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To judge whether something is real or a lie
But for me to plunge to something unknown
Makes a fool out of me, makes me a clown’s clone

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His smile makes me anticipate for tomorrow
When he sings a lullaby, it makes me want to dance and cry
His plain existence simply pleases me and he doesn’t even have to try

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By: Bertha GOD BLESS YOU!!!!

xianning said...

Aaron Yan...No matter wat i will be there for you...i am ur fans ... Hope you god can bless you.What you think will come true :)