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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Calvin Chen Protects His Voice In Order To Read "Sharp Daily", Shows His secret How To Keep Listeners In Suspense.

February 7, 2012

Apple E-news host Calvin Chen is now in Shenzhen to film a drama, during his free time he returns to Taiwan and offers his voice to "Sharp Daily" news reading. He revealed that he once wanted to be a voice dubber, but because of schedule conflicts he missed the chance. This time, he's relying on his secret on "how to keep the audience listening" to attract everyone to listen. Regarding Show Luo's (Xiao Zhu) wish for him to be funnier, he happily accepted it, "It can motivate me to work harder and be funnier." He is recently filming a drama, even though he's not in Taiwan he's still paying close attention to Taiwan news, "Probably I go back to Taiwan once every two weeks. Otherwise, after 4 weeks everyone will forget me." 

Even though he is already hosting entertainment news, he still offers his voice to "Sharp Daily". How does he suck people in with his voice? He said, "When I listen to my own voice, it sounds very strange. I use some humor and stage dialogue, and try many times. Especially since I studied economics, I hope to have the opportunity to announce finance and economics news." 

He revealed that when reading news, he first has to show the climax, only then can he make people keep on listening. He gave an example. "For example when reading news about Jay Chou, I have to mention his catchphrases, his particular traits and his status. Then finally I can announce the particular news. That will attract people's interest."

He was hosting Apple E-news when Xiao Zhu said he could be funnier. Towards this, he said, "Don't be like that! Unfortunately I saw your back completely bare, even showing your buttcrack... It's not bad! But never mind, this kind of criticism can motivate me to work harder." But he didn't forget to hit back at Xiao Zhu, "He told me before, "Do you know why the Korean wave is very popular? Because... cold wind blows, drizzle blurs, I'm sure I love you 10,000 years (*lyrics to the70's song "I love you 10,000 years"  )."" Indeed it's cold enough.

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Original Source : Apple News
Translated By : Nastyhobbit @ AF


Anonymous said...

Ok this is the part I have to challenge people to dream....could you dye your hair black again, gain a little weight, wear a tie or whatever anchors wear, get out of the rut of being a teen idol, and be a serious finance journalist maybe on TV? I mean Canada must have given you the best education if not then....common your better than this....shift fields....go for CHANGE!

Anonymous said...

among th four your the sophisticated one...great day