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Monday, September 19, 2011

Fans Fight Over Wu Chun's Autographed Pillow. [ Detailed ]

Wars have broken out over the smallest of things. But friends tussling over an autographed cushion?
Yes, that's the kind of fervour Taiwan-based actor-singer and former frontman of boy band Fahrenheit, Wu Chun, seems to inspire in his local supporters.
The heart-throb was in town from Sunday to Wednesday to plug his new idol drama Sunny Girl, which airs over Channel U on Saturdays at 9.30pm.
And 11 of the 200 who attended a fan meet at the Ritz Carlton hotel on Tuesday got to participate in three games with their idol.
One of them was a Q&A segment where they had to answer questions which revealed how much they knew about the 31-year-old.
The fans were picked based on whether they were lucky enough to catch the autographed cushions he threw into the crowd.
That was when the "fight" started.
Student Benjamin Lim, 17, was spotted trying to grab the prized item that his female friend had already caught.
The tussle went on for what seemed like 30 seconds and although Benjamin was grinning, his friend looked shocked.
He told The New Paper sheepishly: "We are friends and I was actually teasing her and trying to take the cushion away when the photographers swarmed in.
"It was embarrassing."
Benjamin's friend in question, Ms Jonelle Kwan, an administrative assistant in her 20s, added: "I actually didn't know he was joking at first so I was quite surprised (that he was trying to take it away)! But he clarified it with me later, so now we're fine."
But if she wasn't a friend, would Benjamin have really fought for that cushion ?
He insisted: "Although I'm a fan of Wu Chun, I'm a guy after all. It's not very gentlemanly of me to fight with girls."
However, the emcees of the event - Y.E.S 93.3 DJs Dennis Chew and Nico Chua - weren't aware of the misunderstanding and ended up wrongly picking Benjamin to go on stage instead of rightful owner Ms Kwan.
So did she feel bitter about missing her chance to get up close with Wu Chun?
She said: "I'm okay with it. I suffer from stage fright, so I didn't want to go up anyway." Ms Kwan eventually took the pillow home.
Benjamin said with a laugh: "I felt quite nervous to be standing near Wu Chun. I started to idolise him only two years ago. He's quite muscular and very good-looking."
The eventual winner of the Q&A game, Jacinda Hoon, a 15-year-old student, earned the nickname "Nasi Lemak Girl" from the DJs because she bought a packet of nasi lemak for Wu Chun after he revealed in a live webchat the day before that he hadn't yet sampled that local culinary favourite.
Jacinda told The New Paper: "He initially told me to keep it for myself but I insisted on giving it to him.
"I feel excited thinking about him eating the nasi lemak I bought. I just hope that I left a good impression and he'll remember me."
Before the games, the DJs teased the fans by asking them how close is "too close" while moving nearer to their idol.
And Wu Chun joked: "Why don't you sit on my lap? Is that close enough for you?"
And while she didn't get that close, this lucky fan had her own "intimate experience" when she was fed a strawberry by the hunk.
Student Vanessa Lim, 19, got fed twice because he insisted that the first bite was too small.
She recalled excitedly: "I was very happy and my mind went blank! No words can describe how excited I was."
But perhaps the most hardcore fan had to be saleswoman Hui Ying, 34, from Taiwan who came to Singapore for the event and made a holiday out of it.
This despite the fact that she had fractured her ankle and her right foot was in a cast.
She said: "My leg feels better now and it's not a big deal. As long as it's within my ability, I will do it. The most important thing is to support him."
The first thing Wu Chun did after walking on stage was to ask the gathered fans if they had eaten.
He even scheduled, at the last-minute, an early celebration of his 32nd birthday at the event.
And he turned up for a fan meet on Sunday evening even though he was sick.
The event, at Bugis Junction, attracted a crowd of 2,000.
The first 150 in line, plus another 50 from his fan club, got to go on stage to receive a rose and a poster from Wu Chun and 10 lucky winners who were picked by Y.E.S 93.3 got an additional "prize" - to lock eyes with the heart-throb for a full 10 seconds.
Student Joreen Soh, 19, was one of the lucky 10. She gushed: "My mind was totally blank! I was very nervous.
"He has a very 'prince charming' look and he's really gorgeous!"
This article was first published in The New Paper.  By Bryan Lim @ The New Paper
Credits: newsasiaone.com