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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"The House" 《紫宅》 Theme Song Sung By Jiro Wang Gets Huge Applause

Yesterday, SINA radio station broadcasted the theme song "For Me" of the movie "The House" sung by Jiro Wang. The song has been gathering huge applause from all over Taiwan, Mainland, HK & other asian countries. 

The praise of the song is continuing since it is released, many fans have also been moved to tears. Movie theme song of this exposure by Jiro Wang solo, song lyrics combines rock and winds type, both aesthetic and moving and full of impact. Part of the music before the song is slow and gentle, Jiro Wang impacts his own identification with his unique voice, express the delicacy, got on everyone's mind.

But the second half of the song as flick as a transition to rock wind, music is emotionally rich, stressful and intense, bursting another passion, sublimation at the climax of songs. It is natural for Jiro Wang who is been in a Fahrenheit (renowned music band). In addition to the melodious music, the lyrics are a people lacrimal punctum, lyrics focus falls on the connotation of the movie, wrote the story in the stars of bitterness, makes you cry.

This theme song as a whole complete interpretation of the emotional tone of the movie, in the climax of the movie renders emotional, is definitely like a tear gas. It is said that after listening to the song sample, Director and screenwriter also moved, while listening the Director was all in tears, jumped at once saying, we can see the The House not only as this year's most beautiful thriller,but it will be this year's most exciting thriller.

The theme song after exposure, some netizens expressed have been the horror of the The  House trailers, movie rhythmic tension and excitement, heard after the theme song of the The House, was moved to no, so be prepared even movie scary skyrocketed tear tears of a movie theater.

Source: ent.sina.cn
Translated By : Yaluncute@fahrenheitai.blogspot.com