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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Aaron Yan's Open Concert Touched The Heart Of Fans.


 June 11 Taipei

Taiwan's HeartThrob Aaron Yan held a concert "Touch and Go" 《一觸即發》 today at National Taiwan University Gymnasium , many fans come out for support , tickets were already sold out fully,and many of the fans who were unable to buy the tickets were standing at the door asking that if someone is willing to part with their's so that they can go and support Aaron's first solo concert.
The Concert begin with first showing a VCR , then Aaron Yan appeared on stage followed with cheers and screams from his fans. He first sang "The Next Me" 《下一個我》  and then sang successively two rock songs "Mad World" and 《開門見山》;Aaron Yan said, "Preparing for this concert day, from the day of release to this day [Today] have been very fast, but I feel a bit uneasy,especially with the audience having loads of fans."

Aaron's face looked very moved and he even paused for a while, a little bit lost for the words, said : "Everyone has their own Idols and me too ! Then there are some my predecessors , I want to sing for everyone the way here."

After he finished the first row of the songs , he bring more pleasant suite for the Audience, including  "She listened to my concert,"《她來聽我的演唱會》,  "Practice," 《練習》、" Sorry - Thank you", 《對不起謝謝》,"I'm not sad," 《我不難過》、"Falling Leaves",《落葉歸根》、 "Hello good" 《你好不好》 and "Silent Flowers " 《無言花》, and then also sang with Olivia , Aaron Yan  :" Thank You for adding more colour to my concert. " Olivia said : " This is our first collaboration, thank you for inviting me. "

Source: Yes Asia
Translated By : yaluncute@fahrenheitai.blogspot.com


Bertha said...

Aaron this one is for you!!!!!

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