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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Aaron Yan Fans Queue Under The Scorching Sun, Risk Of HeatStroke.

May 18, 2011 

Yesterday After-Noon,  Aaron Yan signing event for his album was scheduled to be held in Afternoon, but was canceled temporarily until the evening and later scheduled to be held inside a hotel. Without any knowledge of the schedule to be changed many fans kept waiting there, under the sun. When Aaron Yan found out about this he said, "Very Sorry" and later finished signing for about 2000 fans till night.

Fans Disappointed:
The fan meeting was supposed to be held at CongQing Wanda Plaza around 4 p.m yesterday, and many fans were waiting there unknowingly about the schedule change , under the hot sun, long queues around hundreds of  fans, just to see their idol.

Three girls were heat-stroked , and their friends rushed them to shade to sit down and rest. Many fans did complained about the constant long waiting under this hot sun, as they weren't told about the change of schedule.

Media Disappointed: 
According to the Organizers, Aaron was supposed to meet media around 3 p.m. Reporters were waiting outside the elevator from 2:40 , but Aaron didn't come. Then a staff member came out to convey the change of schedule. The staff members failed to provide a good reason for this schedule change ... What a Disappointment.

Aaron Finally Came Out To Say Sorry: 

Half an hour past after the scheduled meet with media. Aaron finally came to apologize. Aaron was bombed out with the question that, "Schedule was changed because he doesn't want to be under the sun that long. " He said, "Sorry,  But, was just told that the schedule was changed. I wish I could have waited for that long. But because of the circumstances, I couldn't carry out the meet. " At that time Aaron's Eyes were red.

Eventually, Aaron's Fan Meeting moved to a hotel last night, held inside. Almost two thousand fans got Aaron's signature, many die-hard fans of Aaron also said that they understand and support him.

Source: News.china.com 
TranslatedBy : yaluncute@fahrenheitai.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

"many die-hard fans of Aaron also said that they understanding and support him" should be "understand". besides, the "red" doesnt have to be capitalised.

Yaluncute said...

@Anonymous (^_^)" Really .. I didn't got notice of that... mixed up with many news articles.. just typed it ... (^_^)
Thanx for visiting though .. !!

Bertha said...

Hay Yalun Aaron YanKing ahaha...I saw a baby pic of you and I wanted to kiss your chin ahihihi....your empathy seems to truly amaze me!!!!! And I find it fascinating how you tactlessly comment defending your comrades, but sweetie, buying tons of Calvin Books is such a show off....no need to brag adding zeroes....keep it simple.
And if you found someone to love and make you smile I'm happy for you....Aaron love cannot die, when someone leaves you keep in mind that life is just giving you a chance to find someone better so will learn to appreciate that person when you do, I pray you find a lover who will be honest sincere and respect you ;-) flying kiss!!!!

Bertha said...

Wish upon a star
One day I may breath my last,
I may pass you by without meeting you in the eye
But did you feel the skip of my heartbeat a mile a way
Like the wind I touched your face,
There’s no words to describe the beauty I found in your soul
You may uniquely define the word innocence,
For you willingly rage the gates of heaven with your resounding voice,
In my bedroom I cried and wailed for life to spare you a corrupted life,
I willingly surrendered my dreams to see yours in fulfilment
An angel forbidden to love, an ordinary girl with an extra ordinary faith
A love I could not grasp, a love I could not keep, a language left unspoken
And yet it screams and echoes throughout the universe,
I give you my strength in times of confusion; you are never alone in times of defeat
I maybe beyond your years but your youth is the sole reason I live
Be the man I dream you to be, the person you have always been
Never waste a single moment on superficial joy, for life has given you all the possibilities
Embrace every pain it will mould you to a better person,
Love with no malice, make worthy sacrifices
For you Aaron I have taken the next shuttle to the moon
Only to wish upon a star....

Written by: Bertha

Bertha said...

Typo:Wish upon a star

But did you feel the skip of my heartbeat a mile away

For you willingly raged the gates of heaven with your resounding voice,

In my bedroom I cried and wailed for life to spare you a corrupted mind,