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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Aaron Yan Draws Energy From Crowd

Aaron Yan Draws Energy From Crowd
Despite getting no sleep the night before, Aaron Yan's spirits rose as his fans showed him love during a fan meet.

Fans came from all over the world for Aaron Yan's fan meet and album signing in Fuzhou, China. People from as far as the United Kingdom came to see their idol.

Heavy rains in Beijing where the singer was located caused flight delays. The event was originally scheduled to begin in the afternoon but ended up starting as the night began. When Aaron finally arrive, his dedicated fans immediately cheered. The singer was deeply moved and apologized for being late.

Aaron did not sleep the night before the event and was very tired when he arrived. However, after hearing his fans cheer so loudly for him, Aaron drew energy from the enthusiastic crowd and became just as excited for the event as they were. He performed the title track from his debut solo album "The Next Me" as his fans sung along, creating a great night not only for his fans but for himself as well.

Source: ent.163.com
TranslationBy: Aysohmay @ JpopAsia


Bertha said...


In my mind I have danced with you a thousand times
I have held your hand and watched you dream as you slumber,
I have warmly grasps your smile like a sunbeam in my palm,
Always bright and shinning,
I sat at your bedside to chase the demons away,
Those unspoken fears, those unshed tears
I know the darkness that you face, the shivers that travels down your spine
I’ve seen them consume you, the ugly wounds you buried deep inside,
Your imperfections made you vulnerable, in anger you conceal your dismay,
And yet I know your qualm as I gently held your sweet head far from harm’s way,
Tonight you will sleep and dream the sweetest thoughts for I shall sing you a lullaby,
May all God’s angel protect you, may your soul be at peace
I shall sing this song as I kneel on my knees,
Not for a shining star whom everyone adored,
But for a little boy who I simply love,
So keep holding my hand and never let go,
For the day will come when I shall embrace you tight,
Kiss your forehead for 30 seconds and simply tell you,
I was never far away, if only you’d glance at the moon every night
I was standing there with a telescope always watching over you.