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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jiro Wang to Star in Taiwanese drama, “Absolute Boyfriend”.

Actress Goo Hye Sun and Taiwanese star Woo Chun earned headlines when it was revealed that they would co-star together in “Absolute Boyfriend“.

However, it seems that Wu Chun was switched out for another male lead.

The new male lead, Jiro Wang, is from the same Taiwanese idol group Fahrenheit as Wu Chun.
During a press conference held between the two leads and the media on May 2nd, the idol expressed that he would do his best in his new project.

Wang stated, “I picked the drama because the script is good, and I will try my best.”

Goo Hye Sun candidly expressed, “I did not expect the male lead to be replaced, so I was a little disappointed. However, I decided to continue because I really like the script, and I’m going to put all my whole effort into acting.” She added, “In the past, I shot a Taiwan tourism music video with Fahrenheit. At that time, I felt that Jiro was a very restless person. He always made the atmosphere so pleasant.”

An official from the drama stated, “Since the male lead was replaced, Goo Hye Sun had all the right to reject the role, but we are very thankful to Goo Hye Sun and her agency for continuing.
Meanwhile, it was reported that Wu Chun, who was revealed as the male lead last October, decided to step down from the role because of a problem with the character.

Source: TV Daily via Nate
Credits: Phenon @ allkpop


Bertha said...

The Character maybe good in terms of exposure but it may not serve the same benefit to someone who aims to be a health minister....there is a conflict of interest... Jiro is focusing on his acting career and is willing to take the jump to get to his destination but Chun is taking it slow hitting two birds with one stone....huh let them be....it's tiring to always expect consistency with people....I know I'm changing careers aren't I???? Chun we riding the sleigh at the same speed....Jiro be sure you have a parachute!!!!

Bertha said...

Title:The Shade of Blue

These wounds I kept for years has shed me a thousand tears
I battled the darkness that hunts my thoughts which magnified all my fears
I swayed and danced with the wind enamoured of this new found friend
I struggled with laughter and joy as I reached out for his hand
Somehow I knew no matter what the odds I had to make a stand
A stranger in the crowd, trying to make a difference
I had found the voice that brought me back to life
It made everything worthwhile the pain and the strife
If you only knew how much you mean to me
I would have painted a thousand hues only to make you to see
What breaks my heart and tortures my mind
Those restless nights I deeply wished to leave behind
So I speak in riddles, in endless clues....
If the sky ain’t blue then I would have stopped loving you

Bertha said...

typo:I would have painted a thousand hues only to make you see
If only the sky ain’t blue then I would have stopped loving you

Bertha said...

I love Aaron's Suddenly!!!!! Awesome!!!! Make me write poems darling you make dance with the wind!!!!