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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day : Wu Chun Experiences Being Held In Prison.

Wu Chun's mother died of cancer 8 years ago, On Mother's Day eve, Wu Chun emerged from being held in grief of his mother's memories to participate in anti-drug campaign in Brunei, he also turned for women's association activities, as Ambassador propaganda, he also experienced being held in prison, told the Brunei people "Bad road is not the feasible one! "

Wu Chun have frequently cooperated with local government agencies to promote social education, has his own gym and on behalf of Brunei signed a memorandum of anti-drug center, called on young people to stay away from drugs, he also encouraged women's participation in the health funda, offered free gym use for week.

Brunei national annual income of up to more than 20,000 dollars (about 57 million NT dollars), Wu Chun said that social welfare is good here, in Brunei, often young people is vulnerable to the temptation of drugs or drug trafficking, he went to visit the anti-drug center, experience being held , but in fact, in Brunei there is no drug rehab opportunity to touch, as it will cause them a death penalty.

Wu Chun is like the "Light" in Brunei, that keeps reaching out to everyone. When it comes to Government activities, the first thought is of Chun and he also actively participates in them, like in fundraising for the  earthquake in Japan, with the anti-drug campaign, women's associations, to promote the concept of health. All these seems to quite Pave the way for promising sense of politics, Wu Chun laughed and said: "Not really! " have no interest in politics, if the position for Sultan of Brunei is given to him, he did not feel too much, but if he was to be a "health minister " ,he will, he said: "very happy. " still can not escape from the fitness.

Credits:  Sohu.entertainment
Translated By: Yaluncute@fahrenheitai.blogspot.com


Bertha said...

Title:The Angel Took His Flight
This Man who carelessly took my heart
Shed for me the tears of joy
He has grown his wings to kiss the sky
He embraced the clouds with silver linings
The child who wept is now smiling endlessly
The snow that kept his heart numb has finally melted
And spring has flowers blooming again
And that happiness who never rested in his heart now dwells in his soul
My loving child has grown into a man
You will forever hold the gladness in my heart!!!!


Bertha said...



I was standing there right in front of you
But you saw right through me Mr Superman
I tried to wound you so you would bleed
At least I can wipe your tears when you cry
But the knife bounced back when I tried
Every night I waited by my balcony
Wondering when you’ll be flying down
But you just kept saving everyone
And left me stranded in the middle of loneliness
All I needed was for you to talk to me
But instead you tried to read my mind
You said you were super strong but I need to know when your are weak
So I can hold you and somehow be a part of your life
But instead I was a kryptonite
Someone you need to be far away from
So since you chose to be Superman and I’m a kryptonite
At this very moment CAN YOU READ MY MIND?

Bertha said...

Title: Love in Rippling Water

I saw your face reflecting in clear waters
Caressing it by my soft gaze
My knees are swollen from kneeling on the stony floor
As the dandelions lingers on my hair
I hear every rise and fall of my breathe
The beating of my heart echoes through the mountains
As the sun sets and the cold night wind gushed on my cheeks
With eyes wide open memories visits me like dreams in summer days
Tremors of unwanted emotions engulfs me, I firmly grasped for the fleeting of my sanity
My strength bids me farewell as my vision blurs
Tears fall and made the deep lake overflow with sadness
I searched for that image that once made my spirit rise
Loss for words I cringed and suffered in silence
Pretending to hold my heart, but captivated by the pains of loving a fictional fallacy
Once there was this smile that meant the whole world to me
But the distance simply led to a broken identity
All I see now is a silhouette, an image distraught wildly by rippling water,
The lost of great love and serenity.