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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Aaron Yan: Likes Gemini Girls, Refuse For Lightning Romance.

Yesterday afternoon, Chongqing Morning News reporters conducted an exclusive interview with Aaron Yan. From a popular combination, now out in the solo. His vision about Lightning Romance.How he would support his brothers? Will he accept love of a fan ?

Chongqing Morning Post: First Solo album, better performance of your personality? Former were collective songs and what it is to give up a little?

Aaron: Fahrenheit is more sing and dance combination, to do things collectively. In fact, I prefer to sing the song soulfully to the point, I hope everyone's heart sing drunken, singing with all the emotions. "The next Aaron," even close to my own personality, conflicts, persistent, cold, and also more emotional.

Chongqing Morning News: Fahrenheit members support you out in your solo album, how you would like to support them ?

Aaron:  Calvin bought 20 albums, his book is out I would buy 200 copies of it. I will add a zero in the back to what they book, Wu Chun bought my 50 album to support me, so when a book of Wu Chun will be out, I will buy 500 to support .

Chongqing Morning Post: The recent lightning romance circle, many artists, will you opt for lightning romance too? And Can accept fans love ?

Aaron: I think the marriage of many outsiders seem to flash, flash marriage is not necessarily right. Like the "Big Wang Love" also has the feeling of love at first sight. Girlfriend will talk to the other side I chose to get along, and then decide. I am not able to accept instant love. As for the fans and love, fans, including a lot of people, ah, do not rule out there can find people who get along it.

Chongqing Morning Post: Before you publicly like Gemini girls, why? Is there any certain Gemini girl you are interested in?

Aaron: (embarrassed laugh) No, I only said that girls I prefer is with the character of Gemini. Not specific to you, I'm surrounded by a lot of Gemini girls ah, the small S is, ah, I liked her.

Fans are willing to wait for idol on crutches

   Yesterday's book signing scheduled for 4 pm, the reporter arrived half past two , Wanda Plaza, Nanping, the scene, thousands of fans on the team has been waiting in a queue. About 12 noon, fans had already started to line up.  In the line, A girl with one leg tied to a thick gauze, on crutches was desperately waiting for his Idol to show up.  Because of the hot weather and the inconvenience of her leg , the girl didn't have any sour expression, on the contrary, her face was calm, quietly waiting in the queue.  

Aaron Yan Too Emotional
After the visit to the media and fans group interactive sessions, when they heard Aaron was questioned why fans have to be waited in the sun for too long, a fan came up immediately with bouquet of flowers and responded, saying they already prepared a summer cooling stuffs and drink. In order to support our idols "we willingly."Aaron was deeply moved and his eyes were wet.

 Had heard that Aaron is a very emotional, very emotional person. Yesterday's book signing at the face, "Why let the fans queuing in the hot sun" and "How to settle that many fans," the questioning, Aaron said," it would be properly settled by the side, unbearable excitement, his eyes red. Later, when Aaron went to the room, the reporters followed him and found that Aaron turned backwards and his hands on the eyes, emotions... crying .

Fans were sent to the nearby hotel by a bus, where the signings took place, until the night, the estimated number of more than 2,000 people. 

Source: xinhuanet
Translated By: yaluncute@fahrenheitai.blogspot.com


Bertha said...

Quote on LOVE: There's so much more to love than tears, so much more to life than fears so the more they say I can't the more I say I will and I will keep going till the last tears fall then only then I can start over again....so cry me a river and cross me an ocean,the heavens will guide me in finding the right one ;-)Cheers By: Bertha

Bertha said...

An Australian mentor told me I was a live wire when it came to writing.... I guess my passion was limitless it electrocuted everyone in the room....I simply had one answer, what can you expect from a dreamer:I gotta wear my passion!

Titie:The Dreamer

I am nothing but a stranger who wished to catch a star
I kept it this star in my pocket and gazed upon it on moonless nights
I will hang it in my closet to light up my darkest days
As I crouched in a corner trying to mend all my broken ways
I will carry it in a pouch near to my heart
Where I can easily grasp it when everything around me gets dark
The warmth of its light will simply make me smile
The beauty of its radiance will give me wings to fly
Trapped in an illusion but it will breathe me new hope
As I kneel on holy ground with this crazy path I chose
I broke my limits so I could dream, I broke my heart so I could truly love
From here on I knew there’s no turning back
I will not care where I’ve been, nor box myself to who they think I am
For I am a dreamer and I am the captain of my soul
I will pray and hope, I will work and till,
The time will come when I will reap and gain
And in my heart even if my star gently fades away,
The love I found will never sway, for the dream I dream will always stay!

Written by: Bertha Lover never changes it never dies so will your dreams!!!!