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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wu Chun has a full schedule; Fahrenheit won't be releasing an album this year

Men’s fashion label Alfred Dunhill invited Wu Chun to their grand re-opening event at one of their stores. The event attracted a hundred fans holding light-signs, welcoming the superstar. Wu Chun wore a double-breasted suit; he asked the media, “Do I look too mature in it?” Then he laughed, “I’m not young anymore. I’m not 20-something, so 30 year olds wearing this should be OK!”

Wu Chun expressed that he is mostly accompanying his family in Brunei these days, but he will be more active during the latter half of the year. As reported previously, Wu Chun withdrew from “Absolute Boyfriend” in order to shift his focus to the big screen. Thus, fellow Fahrenheit member Jiro Wang took over the role. Wu Chun was reluctant to explain, but he said, “The role is very suitable for Jiro. It doesn’t suit me well, so I do wish him all the best. Let’s not talk about this anymore. It’s not good to talk too much about it.”

Many Fahrenheit fans are interested to know whether Fahrenheit would be releasing an album this year; Wu Chun expressed that his schedule is full already, so unfortunately there will not be time for one. Nonetheless, he has been showing support for his other group members by buying 50 copies each of Calvin Chen’s and Aaron Yan’s photo books.

Source: UDN, Appledaily 



xDloveguardingstarxc said...

So disappointed):
Really hope they would release a new album soon!:D

Bertha said...

Title:Bucket of Ice Cold Water
It was funny I was LISTENING to an interview of GKC for Azio by Patty, and all I can say is I didn’t fit any criteria of his description of his ideal girl, hmmm 5”4’ nope, only the shoulder length hair, but anyway I finally had a bucket of ice cold water on my face and it AIN’T EVEN WINTER YET....but one thing I hate the article entitled Life out of the spot light!!!!! I was reading your blog on Superchun and Supermum it was contradicting, you said you worshipped, what makes you think that people who have faith, hope and pray alone....I am steaming mad but I don’t know about your publicist nor would I get in anyone’s skin but I am catholic and we require Prayer and Work it means you do your best GOD DO THE REST!!!! Your statement makes anyone with faith feel a stupid useless person....I will not defend my faith by breaking anyone I was thought to be forgiving and at peace with myself. I might just really have pneumonia by simply liking you CHUN KIAT GOH....why are you becoming a disappointment to me???? Someone keep the snow flowing in MAY!!!! The clothes you wear will not make you pretty, it is who you are who should make those clothes look good....I expected more from you....tell me was I wrong!!!!

Bertha said...

Typo: was taught to be forgiving!!!!

Bertha said...

Title:The Aftermath

What’s left of a broken dream are shadows of the
It haunts me with swollen eyes, stricken with grief,
Have you seen an angry wave from the ocean swallow an entire mountain?
This being with all sophistication has bitten me with snobbery, a severe case of arrogance,
With chin high on his beautiful neck and a dose of egotism which drowns his intellect,
Surprisingly loved by many, choking me to my doom,
His silence wounds me, his joy increased my woes,
I saw innocence in those eyes once; my heart challenged and pierced the walls of his despair,
I held and embraced his naked soul, the softness of that bulging masculinity could not hide the little child yearning for warmth,
I burned an incense, and offered a sacrifice, may heaven delightfully embrace a song of praise,
He walked towards the sunset and left his scent behind that will forever linger in my senses,
I was broken into pieces and yet I celebrate with tremendous glee,
I have loved with no conditions, with bleeding heart I shall keep a smile with me,
How do I love thee? Although all has been revealed to me, a delusion, a mirage of unspeakable truth,
With no words to speak, nor a single sound from the drops of water on the pavement from the torrent of rain that breaks the silence that stills my abandoned heart....
I stood my ground, for I am a woman of strength, a woman at peace, a being with great serenity, I collect myself calmly and stared at the horizon as his shadows fade....

Written by Bertha