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Friday, April 1, 2011

Jiro Wang's Transformation For Upcoming Movie "The House".

Wu Chun having his movies and Aaron Yan shot bold for his new album "The Next Aaron Yan", the members of Fahrenheit in around their 30'ies ( Not Aaron Yan Though, 25 still young ), are thinking of way out from their past for their own future. Yesterday afternoon, in Suzhou, Jiro Wang also announced that he wanted to make life in the first movie! Moreover, this is a thriller, he is no longer the boy who played like sun boy in past idol dramas , and a mustache, mature, restrained, is a paradox.

 Thriller " The House " press conference held yesterday in Suzhou, Jiro Wang member of popular boy-band Fahrenheit and Tong Liya who became famous from " Palace " featuring as male and female lead. "The House" is a suspense thriller romance, already shot loads of drama, Jiro Wang is very sure to look good in this movie, he said: "I have selected this movie because of its script, when read it , moved to tears". He stated another reason for his Filming, is "to learn", as not the same environment as Idol Drama's, would be doing very hard for the role's reality . Mainly regarded as "Chocolate Boy's" image and now from a boy into a man, in the acting is also a major breakthrough, the transition effect of the film will become a major attraction.

Tall and with Nice Face, usually doing Idol Dramas , the very first film, Jiro naturally spent a lot of effort,  specially grown a mustache for the new role, in order to further integration into the crew not so easy, talked to Wu Chun , " I was in lot of pressure, he told me to concentrate and be more outgoing, I had previously been very slow, and now much better. And, my partner (of Tong Liya) is also very warm. ". Jiro think it is great pressure around his homeopathic Loulou Tong Liya," I saw the "Palace", she simply taps, cry cry, too much! I can not compare. "Tong Liya little bit embarrassed," crying scene in this movie more than it! "
The member of Fahrenheit Aaron Yan, "at the expense of his own body" went for his solo, so journalists through this question for Jiro Wang too, Jiro laughed : "Will Undress huh " ?. Back to serious look, he continued, : " With Life gets going every stage have some different requirements, find a different feeling, and I'm 30 so well, should have theit own changes, so I thought of making a film, and this role is very challenging." 

"The House" is blend of horror, love, suspense and other elements of the horror theme, about a rich girl staying abroad, Li Zhou Tong comes home with her fiance to own the Legacy of his father, which opened the story of a dusty memory . About half of the film is done, is expected to be completed in September to meet with the audience.

Jiro Wang and Tong Liya

Source: xinmsn + ent.sina
Translated By : Yaluncute@fahrenheitai.blogspot.com


Bertha said...

I don't like horror movies, The Rite was the last one I have ever appreciated, talk about slaying a demon for real(I'm photographic memory), but generally Jiro if you wanna get into Sarah Michelle's Gellar Shoes who eventually got known for kick ass scenes in Buffy the vampire slayer which limited her career, I suggest you go for romantic comedy movies it suites you more. Your chubby cheeks fit a more sweet type role...like I said succeed first in your strength then sail other seas.More like Adam Sandler persona...that's it for now!!!!

Bertha said...

One more Aaron Yan did not sell HIS BODY GRRRR!!!! He did not write the story board on that MV....I'm so mad!

lingling96 said...

AWESOME Jiro's gonna act in a horror MOVIE :D bet it's gonna be funny! cuz jiro's a crack up! XD XD ♥ ♥ ♥ love u jiro! ^~^
just hope he won't undress like aaron ): losing my love for aaron XP lol~
GO JIRO!! ^.^ so excited to watch it!!! >~< ♥ ♥ ♥

J said...

wow he looks so mature and old with a beard @_@
even tho its a horror movie, i still wanna watch anyways!!! ^^

Bertha said...

Oh yeah I remember the reason I watched the "Rite" it was because it was based on a true story on exorcism, it's not a horror flick, it was highly recommended by scholars.... ;-) Educational!!!!