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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Can See Nothing But You : Aaron Yan Ran All The Way For His New MV.

Aaron Yan for his Debut Album《下一個炎亞綸》"The Next Aaron Yan" mustered all force for his 2nd MV of the mini-album "I Can See Nothing But You" 「只看見妳」, where he was running from mountains to the sea every corner of Taipei. From Yang Ming Shan in North, went on to Eastern Departmental Store in Hsimenting District and finally running all the way to port. This Shoot was done in all 20 takes in 1day.

James Bond and Fencing: 
Lastly Aaron "iron legs", shouted: " Tired! The value of life is recognized all the way fighting to the end!" One month before this MV's film shoot, Aaron and staff discussed the story script, Aaron loved the 007 James Bond series of films, the idea proposed about the play "Fencing". Record companies then send Aaron therefore to learn Western swordsmanship, I did not expect this hard loss even kicked by a group of elementary students, so that Aaron imposing it, to smile brutal child "bullying"!

Ah Yi remembered:Aaron to learn fencing, has specially study with a teacher in Taipei Chung Hsiao elementary fencing practice,  respectful listened to coaches, but also did not forget to secretly film the work of the contra-lateral people funny dialogue: " I do not afraid of being stabbed , I would worry about scarification, will be an important part stuck to coach!" After three hours of intensive special training, the coach ready to acceptance, but acceptance by others is not coach's job, a group of children called into the classroom, seeing them Aaron laughed: " This is simply a group of assassins! terrible!" thought those childrens are too young to recognize him as Aaron Yan of Fahrenheit, so that can put down Idol burden of some low-key gestures. But the children all know of Fahrenheit, also read "Love Buffet" shouted "Ah Yi brother," on the spot dumbfounded Aaron laughed: "Oh, my! my fan base and under the revised to eight years old! haha "

Aaron Out In Just 3 seconds:
Usual scene for the childrens, as the TV star suddenly appeared in front of everyone, enthusiastic shouting " Vote for me! Vote for me! " Let Aaron address him: "too cute, as if millions of primary school program. "and Aaron consider themselves that The long legs are the advantages of this game, did not think the first battle of the game will be so quicker, less than three seconds to put Aaron into just a corner of the site,  cheers were up for children from backward inluding his work personnels too , Aaron fell down so hard, then laughed and said: "No one to help me cheer, too miserable, and it seems like I want to help out emergency CALL!" final and a tie game four children, did not thought of consuming such amazing strength, lying on cushions on the tired but very happy shouting: "a child to participate in many tournaments, and now, after review at the time, it was all fun."

"I Can see Nothing But You," This song is TANK and Yao Ruo work, Aaron praised: "Yao Ruo has always been my teachers very much appreciate the lyricist, his lyrics are often very realistic, but can Characterization of the human emotion is very delicate, when read the lyrics of this song, very surprised to find this song has what I want to say to my fans, at the same time I would like to say that with the lover, teacher Yao Ruo very powerful! The song was firstly sang in 3 versions, and finally selected the R & B vocals with a sincere version yet , so that we hear the most heart Aaron's emotional expression.

I Can See Nothing But You Song [Eng Subbed]

Source: China Yes + news.sina
Translated By: Yaluncute@fahrenheitai.blogspot.com


Bertha said...

Title:The art of war
Hmmm starting young in martial arts has shaped me more than anything else today, and it has taught me the wisdom of “choosing your battles”. When I had my black belt promotion I had to face two opponents it’s called the Korean Massage sparring with 2 people at the same time. This kind of exercise trains your subconscious mind to respond on your environment in the sharpest way which we called instincts. While at the mat faced with 2 person 1 colored belt and 1 black has taught to maximize the resources I have, I used the colored belt as shield from the black belt that was attacking it’s easier since it’s a lower belt rather than attacking the black belt which was very adept in sparring. But it’s compassion that will always save me from a broken nose since I was both their friend they wouldn’t dare to beat me up ahihihi  but it’s different in street fighting. But as I grew older and I started to coach, instead of teaching I ended up learning from the kids I taught. I have a student named Aaron, I love that kid although I ended up as a nanny every time he has to go to the John. Aaron would kiss me on the lips before and after class and even how hurting my shoulders were from holding the pad all day from guys bigger than me, Aaron just simply makes it all worthwhile. He was a good kid really talented, he would say thank you kiss me and hug me, I felt loved, very much loved. When I saw Aaron Yan kissing that kid it reminded me of my Aaron, love with no malice. If only LOVE wins all kinds of war then I would love to learn the art. Aaron the sweetest name I will always keep in my heart.

lingling96 said...

oooooooooh aaron looks cuute and hot in that stil image of him running for his mv >~< ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
He really had put in a lot of effort in this mv ^^ ♥ ♥ ♥ jiayou aaron!!! ♥

Bertha said...

Aaron I want to introduce to cold play, I was hoping to hear a cover from you like Angel by Sarah Mclachlan I love this song....if your not busy.

The Scientist:Cold Play/Original


Natasha Version:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEuVb1TIqCg