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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Aaron Yan Too Close, Fans Shivered.

News Dated: 5th April
Aaron Yan <
炎亞綸> is a Heart Throb for his young fans, most of them are too young for him. Aaron organized a Free Fan Club Meet for his selected fans on 4th April. In order to participate in the meet, fans started gathering and completing all formalities from day ahead.

Aaron Yan <炎亞綸> specially selected fans for his Meet from all those who enrolled, to listen to his powerful soulful singing of the song , "I Can See Nothing But You" <只看見妳>. In the meet Aaron Yan also passed "Red Roses" to his fans and also took initiative to sat with one arm around the fans shoulder on a Piano Chair together. With each single move of his, starting from Roses to laying arm around, the other fans in audience started screaming like crazy.

Aaron Yan and the fan sat on a Piano Chair, "Too Close" huh ? Female Fans were too shy and their body and lips were trembling with their dream idol to be this close to them. Aaron joked that, "I was afraid for the eye-contact, thought she would faint".

Source: Liberty Times

Translated By: Yaluncute@fahrenheitai.blogspot.com


Bertha said...

Ok I can see a Taiwanese Neyo in the making, since Taeyamg seems to wanting to give Usher a run for his money and steal the throne hmmmm and Justine B is coming here in the Philippines too bad no one wanna accompany me, I like being with teens it makes me feel young, rather than tight suited men who always wear a poker face ahihihi :-) See his age bracket are really delicate so tell me is it appropriate for him to undress, he already won that freakin market all you need is to reinvent a little and man major flunk big time. Anyway if I sat with him in that piano I would probably sing "Angel" By Sarah Mclachlan with him or "The way you look tonight" by Norah Jones version gotta love Jazz Music (Dreaming now ahihihi). I'm so totally envious!!!! :-) I'm a little old for him but I don't care all is fair in love and war ahihihi...(flying kiss mwah my sweetie!)Bonsoir! (Good night in French)

Bertha said...

here's Angels Cry by Mariah Carey and Neyo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyGNfbKkMVE
I was wondering if you could somewhat sing like this tempo...this reminds me of my sadness for Chunzone before but now I'm over it....I hate being taken away from people...I made some friends there (I'm so honest)....I like being friendly w/o being taken advantage of. Yeah well Life oh life. :-)

Bertha said...

The Britney Epidemic
“Children do what they see”, when Britney started to hit the sexy arena children all over US started to be anorexic, they started to eat the pages of posh magazines just to get her tiny waist and abs because this has become the standard of acceptance being “cool” like Britney. Well Britney’s was totally a performer but voice quality was totally not the Mariah and Celine type, when she totally lost it with Kevin her “cool” image broke down (she taught she was a Goddess and will not be betrayed, because that’s how the world saw her) and I know she’s still trying to make a come back. But believe me her market before was an amazing pool of young and old but now it will be a struggle. I was seeing Aaron with Fahrenheit and to be able to launch a solo He needed a single identity, but then he cannot totally eliminate that identity he already built, sweet and charming Aaron. Imagine me shocked to see him play in people’s mind as totally naked. There was no need to create a new market niche, there was an existing one the question how do you win a bigger one....when I saw Aaron recently ramp with Jiro, Calvin, and Chun the 1st thing that came to me, nope he’s does not belong to that arena he’s young vibrant, lovely, talented, flexible, transparent he can sing pop, ballad, rock and R and B, he can stand on his own feet. He has a lot of room for growth and that makes him promising, if only he had the right character, being calm and patient, if only he would learn to trust himself and his ability to touch the audience, start to lose himself a little bit on the stage (I saw one performance in youtube). Honey love yourself and people will start to love you, believe in yourself and people will start believing in you.

I may not be the world but I believe in you!!!! Cheers!!!!