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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Aaron Yan's reincarnation as a "Red Swan" in his new Album.

As Aaron Yan is well prepared to launch his solo EP titled "The Next Me" aka "The Next Aaron" that will start official preordering on March 11, But the booking on site's like TaoBao had already started and are providing with exclusive preorder gift. For his New
album Aaron Yan has dressed himself  in "All Red" from head to toe( that's
kinda gives an Red Chilly look, just the green top is missi
ng ).

For this new dressup, he says that he recently watched "Black Swan"and felt that he is very similar to the character that Natelie Portman plays in the movie that have contrasting personalities. He says, "I have a gentle and wild side. I want to show the two sides of me in this new album (his EP cover that has been leaked showed two shadows of him) . As Aaron didn't wore any sort of "Tutu" that can complete the swan look, but he certainly embodies the "Red Swan" in his body, mind and soul.


Bertha said...

Oh wow this kid is totally rebellious...red is definitely not your color honey....but ok I'm in it for your musical skills...

Bertha said...

Aaron I have a story to tell, I was 17 when I started coaching kids in Taekwondo, how to win something within the parameters of character and emotions...there was time I had a fight with a cross karate martial artist she hit me so many times but it was an illegal hit, I was so mad that I kept hitting her face round house kick...but it was legal eventually I won I followed rules in spite of my Black side tempted me to play illegal too I parted this wisdom among my students too...I have suppressed my anger and won the fight but not enough for my coach to tell me it was a very artistic fight...Martial Arts its not all about violence and winning it's also about Art...Music well... Music is one of the elixirs of life that revive your spirit. Take a dose religiously, it's a very good Spiritual Medicine. Unless you have learned to touch people's soul then only then you can call yourself an artist.

Bertha said...

Maksim has this video somewhere in time, I watched him with this very unsophisticated look and rough external persona and yet how can he create such soothing music...the one that touches the soul...you really cannot judge a person unless you see his heart and music come from the heart so it cannot be corrupted...I saw you and your mom in youtube and your mom is pretty, she can be an actress herself and she loves you so much...use this love to touch people with your music. I suggest you read Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde...absorb the wisdom there. The world right now especially US with it's economic melt down and existence of depression do not need a black swan, it needs a white dove...here is Maksim youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GOBWs2-VaQ