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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wu Chun said : " I did not quit ".

Bandar Seri Begawan - Brunei Darussalam's Wu Chun will no longer be part of the four-member Taiwanese boy band, 'Fahrenheit', as the 31-year-old hearthrob has decided not to renew the group's contract with recording company HIM, according to a report by Apple Daily, UDN.

Fahrenheit fans across Asia were saddened by this news.

"This really breaks my heart. (Even though Wu Chun) will still be seen onscreen and will still be with Fahrenheit during album promotions, that fact that Fahrenheit ... will never be the same ever again," said a heart-brokened fan in asianfanatics.net's chatroom.

According to the report, Wu Chun will still attend events with the remaining members of the group namely Calvin Chen, Jiro Wang, and Aaron Yan for endorsements as Fahrenheit together.

The report added that Wu Chun has no plans to release an album.

In an interview with the Bulletin, Wu Chun said: "I did not quit.

"I just wanted to focus more on filming this year because my schedule is full already.

"I will be filming and promoting my two new films this year."

-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

Source: BruDirect


Bertha said...

Here's what I have to say. Quiting is a very strong word, it can destroy a persons self-esteem.I never liked the industry your in Chun because of the lies that engulfs it. But somebody has to step-up and since I have nothing to lose I will stand for the truth. The worst thing anyone can do in people management is to box a person and make him into something he's not, everyone should function within their strength. Talent is not a learned skill it's a gift from God and as an actor what should drive him for success is his passion and humility inspite of fame(with sincerity). As an audience I have the right to choose what I should accept as the truth, but Actors are real breathing people they are not puppets who will dance and sing to your whim. Do I wish to be a victim of this whirlwind of emotions, no I respect an actors decision as long as it does not emit negative perception. The only thing that will hold a band together is friendship if that bond is broken then nothing good will come out of it, then let it be the end if it should end.

Bertha said...

Okay I came up with the best solutions for the Gossips Chun the most efficient way. I'm going to lend you my two tiny hands so you can cover your ears and rest....have a good rest my dear....we're here for you!!!! :-)