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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Aaron Yan takes away Girl's first kiss.

To promote his new album "The Next Aaron," Aaron Yan has been attending to different promotion events. Yesterday he arrived at a kindergarten and be a piano teacher of the day. After the piano lesson, he played games with the kids and everyone all tried to snap a photo with him.

Holding a cute little girl on his lap, Aaron was like a dad, kissing the girl on her cheeks; but the girl didn't seem to like it. But that's different with another girl. Another little girl walked to the 25-year-old and requested a mouth-to-mouth kiss. Aaron didn't hesitate and kissed her on the lips. The little girl was very happy and even praised Aaron's soft lips.

Had a great time with children yesterday, Aaron said he wants to have a lot of children, like a basketball team.

"I discussed with Wu Zun, he also wants to have lots of kids. We can PK each other in the future!"

Source: NowNews / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


Kari said...

how cute "we can PK each other in the future"

Bertha said...

Aaron have you heard of a japanese singer name Utada Hikaru, here is a youtube of her song Final Distance, it fits you, you can be the guy version I love hers songs, First Love actually I used to sing it and reminds me of Chun hahaha cheesy!!!!These are clean but cool songs...

I was watching 2ne1 and they have this ballad mix song Hurt, you can remix your songs you can carry the image your very flexible I believe in you!!!! Aja Aja Fighting,yep sophistication but rocks right!!!!Just an idea :-)
Final Distance:

Bertha said...

And ahem....that girl hmmm ahaha blowing mind laughing here...wow basketball team...how about talking it out first with your future wife...do you think it's easy to give birth :-( what are we baby machines ahaha!!!crazy you guys are soooo funny!!!!how about a Taekwondo team 3 will do for me???? Labor terrifies me your men so easy to say not fair!!!!
Anyway can I sit in the class and get a peck on the cheek too I'm quite shy!!!! Ahaha :-p

lingling96 said...

CUUUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish i was there to wish aaron!!!!! ^~^ aaron would be a great dad!!! >~< ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

ohna♥chun@philippines said...

I'm so envy of that little girl!
I really wish I was that kid! >.<
haHa.. maybe in my dreams! xD

Bertha said...

I saw this video, hahaha it made me blow my top so cuddly, I love kids Aaron was surprised, that little girl beat me to that kind of stunt shucks!!!! And I think the other kid was starstruck camera shy is not that she didn't like Aaron ahahaha....classic twinkle twinkle little star....Aaron so no more nudity ok keep it clean your so sweet....flying kiss mwah!!!! ;-) http://youtu.be/o44qA3EYgmU?a about 17 hours ago

Bertha said...

Utada Hikaru




Aaron Yan


Aaron Yan


Aaron I have watched this youtube videos and I can see similarities, you have the power to create that hype in the crowd, the stage presence of Utada and Teayang was great because the music is smooth, Teyang has feminineness too the way he dance...he rocks the stage and THAT'S SEXY no need to take it all off....your shyness it's sexy you know that, if you stay with that image, the crazy image you'll lose a big chunk of your market (conservative market)....Utada style is so classic but innovative...Teayang was simply smooth, Honey I believe in you so much it makes me cry not see enjoy what you do....please ask management to tone down...you have to break the walls of the music inside your heart and get over the worries of being judge if you did great....you were sexy singing the song on this last video I posted....thanks Hugs!!! Hugs!!! Aja Fighting!!!!

Bertha said...

I want to leave empowering words to AARON!!!

The Little Rubber Ball
What am I ? Nothing but a simple toy, I get tossed a lot, dribbled and pat,
Everyday same routine when I’m of no use they put me in a corner, like a little dot,
Unlike this little golden figurine that everyone marvels at,
Everyone stares at it, as I sit and watch,
Up there where the light shines so bright,
The sunlight touches it golden skin and illuminate at your sight,
People with mouth open wide,
Give praises, softly caress and brush its side,
Everyday I would sit and cry wishing I was that little golden figurine,
But I look at my smelly rubber body, so dirty and unadorned, not so masculine,
One day without knowing my owner danced like a careless child,
So caught up in the moment with her arms open wide,
She brushed the golden figurine and it crashed on the wall,
It was so unexpected she couldn’t break the fall,
That little figurine turned out to be not of pure gold,
It was so delicate, I was not told,
I thought it was strong and tough my senses lied,
Only to find out it was hollow inside,
So it was swept off the floor never to be seen again,
Off it went into the trash bin,
Here I am a little dirty rubber ball, but if they throw or toss me at the wall
I won’t break, I won’t get sacked,
Cause with my unique rubber skin I will simply bounce back.

This poem tells you to love yourself cause no one can as much as you can, your unique and special Aaron Believe in yourself you don't need to prove anything just sing, just sing!!! Hugs and cheers!!!

Bertha said...

The Little Rubber Ball-By Bertha <3