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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Aaron Yan held 1st signing event, arrives on "Golden Sedan Chair".

Yesterday, 12 March, Aaron Yan held pre-order meet / signing session for his mini-album "The Next Me" on the bustling street of Taipei. The event attracted around 300 fans supporting the activities from Taiwan and far from Korea and Japan also. It shows that for Aaron's solo album the fans have full support.
 Nervous for his solo activity.
 Aaron yan arrived at the signing place in all red "Red Swan" (as he's dressed in his MV) carried away in golden sedan chair by the field staff. (royal entry). Don't know whether because of his going solo or the chair held too high, his face looked a little nervous. Aaron : "First time being alone on stage, 3 members less, nervous and full of tension. For today's event, yesterday I slept early, but today morning getting more and more nervous for the activities "

Good Luck from HIM:
In order to get good luck, he wore all red from head to toe, everyone was curious if his inner wear is also red? He said with a laugh: "Today morning, hesitated for a long time to pick a colour for the underwear. Finally selected a black one, there are red hearts underwear's too". Record company HIM also sent a red luck in Basket that contained: red dates, red tomatoes, red peppers,red carrots, red beans, apple, all the way red for best wishes for his album.

As for the other three members Wu Chun, Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen, what they said about his solo and MV song ? Aaron Yan said :"Wu Chun and Big East has been encouraging me through text messages, said that the MV surprised them and Calvin Chen is there for me to advertise in his program".He laughed and said for his members: "Hope they take initiative for his album, at least can give 50% off".

On his naked Appearance:
In "The Next Me" MV , Aaron's bold appearance (naked) surprised lot of fans, and some fans even got angry towards the record company for this type of MV. On this Aaron Yan said: "MV is to convey the idea, but as how the director got this nicely done, I'm very relieved. However, if got exposed anyhow, I would still be deterred".

Aaron's mom also gave a surprise visit to her son, got some photo shots and even an autograph on the EP from her dear son.   

Video links:
"The Next Me"MV [English Subbed]
2011-3-12 Signing Event
Source: ChinaYes,Sina,UDN
TranslatedBy: Yaluncute@fahrenheitai.blogspot.com


lingling96 said...

Awwwwwww!!! it doesn't matter about the video, even if i didn't watch the mv and just listened to the song (audio) - instantly i ♥ the song!!!! with the support from Fahrenheit guys and his mom - he'll do great ^~^ GOOD LUCK AARON!!!! jiāyóu!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Bertha said...

Aaron is the closest comparison I can say with Taeyang although different genre Taeyang is R and B, if only the songs and the MV can get more rocky elegant, there are boundaries between sophistication and boldness (nudity) and boundaries between manly and cheesy...and I wonder why Aaron still feel shy, don't you enjoy the crowd Aaron? Relax and keep in mind you are talented you can sing so just sing from your heart the rest will follow (looks) love what you do inspire people with your songs...be good always!!!! :-)Among all you do (act, endorse) you are a singer and a musician okay aja aja fighting!!!!

Bertha said...

I wish I could goof around with you and play blue moon duet i'll do the right hand you do the combination on the left hahaha LOL!!!! See enjoy the gift God gave you no mare nightmares okay....have fun honey music is the voice of the soul!!!!