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Friday, March 18, 2011

Wu Chun The First To Subscribe For Aaron Yan's EP.

Aaron Yan < 炎亞綸 > , the youngest member of Taiwan Boy-Band "Fahrenheit" < 飛輪海 >, First to launch his debut solo album "The Next Aaron Yan" < 下一個炎亞綸 >, to be the youngest enjoy all "spoiled" rights. In his Pre-order meet, he shouted for his 3 good buddies that hope they will order around 50 spontaneously. Wu Chun even quicker than Aaron said, "Already ordered around 50. After the official release will bring it to Aaron to have signature autograph
and than give to his family and friends in Brunei." April 4, 2011 --- Aaron will invite fans to participate in free fan club activities, a big show of sexy dancing.

Salad in Dinner, To Keep Fit :
In order to maintain perfect body, Aaron Yan attaches great importance to exercise. Body gets fat accumulation easily, so in addition to exercise, a healthy diet is also necessary. Aaron Yan seeks to control in terms of food, recent days often buy salad with company colleagues for dinner, don't drink beverages containing sugar, mostly he drank water, even if to choose to drink beverages he would prefer green tea ones.   

Family Support Behind His Solo :
 Aaron Yan's solo ride, although his buddies " Fahrenheit " support him all the way, but his entire family also helped him alot. His sister studying Fashion Design, so often gives advice on his style, Aaron Yan laughed and said: "My sisters dress up is more artistic than artists." In addition to this his mother is fully backing up , often personally drove him to office for work.

At 15:00 on April 4, Aaron yan will be organizing a meet at International Auditorium in Freedom Square -- "Aaron Yan - Only to see you "

Source: Liberty times.
Translated By: yaluncute@fahrenheitai.blogspot.com


Bertha said...

I have always stated how family plays a big role in creating the person we are as we function in society, there will always be people whose hearts we find a place of rest, and sometimes in a world of brokenness such as now, we only have music to heal a broken world aka Michael Jackson "Heal the World" so these are really crucial times that we expect gifted people to come out strong and sing with all their might to create an inspiring fusion of words and sounds that can heal our aching and restless minds.

I am happy that your family is supporting you Aaron, and Wu Chun is backing you up, the world needs good artist that can heal and we know how tragedies have been overwhelming the world for the past few days....Goodness never fails to sell, I am a very prim and proper person so I'm not really into the sexy thing that bares it all, but I appreciate you as a person. I know you will come out strong I believe in you...here is a poem I wrote where kinda adapted from a story but I wrote it in my own words....

Title:Up where I belong
Look at me I am but a worm climbing up a hill,
One day at time felt like time was slowly passing by,
If only I knew how to run, yes I know I’d make it on my own,
Years has passed and I have not still reach my destination,
Insecurity crept to my being, a sense of alienation,
Who am I? Where have I been all these years? What have I learn?
Then a beautiful winged creature gazed upon me with a familiar voice,
Sweet darling if only you’d stop and look inside yourself,
You’ll know who and what you truly are then you don’t have to pant and struggle,
Believe me or you won’t get very far,
So I stopped and listened to the voice within, embraced myself and accepted who I am,
I weaved my soft weak body into a pile of thread, and waited until then,
The time was right I cracked the hardened thread open, and saw the sun
That same winged creature smiled at me and said Hello My Son,
Who are you and what am I? How did I grow this majestic wings?
Honey I’m your Mom, you were always meant to be a butterfly and you thought you’d be a worm forever?
Up here is where you belong darling, you were meant to fly!

Bertha said...

I guess everyone wonders where I get my stories, well I've been counseling people lately, victims of broken marriages, burned out mothers, severe depressions...yes the world is broken, and I'm wounded too but I choose to heal, I'm a wounded healer and I hope with Aaron's Music he can be too :-)

lingling96 said...

thats awesome!!!! - Aaron yan's sister gives him fashion tips XD
Can't wait to listen to AARON'S EP!!!! ^~^ <3 <3
Go Aaron!!!! >~< jayou!!!! <3

Bertha said...

I wish I could fly over on April 4 to see you perform, but I guess too many things but I guess you and Chun and Jiro or Calvin are welcome to visit me just say so hihihi....I'm in the middle of a family deal so sorry can't scream for yah :-)

Anyway I maybe prim and proper but I kinda crush Chester of Liking Park before so I went to his concert it was free anyway a friend gave me two....jammin with punky kids was like me feeling teens again...

Here's a song named In the End:
Time is a valuable thing
Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings
Watch it count down to the end of the day
The clock ticks life away
It's so unreal
Didn't look out below
Watch the time go right out the window
Trying to hold on, but didn't even know
Wasted it all just to watch you go
I kept everything inside and even though I tried, it all fell apart
What is meant to me will eventually be a memory of a time
I tried so hard
And got so far
But in the end
It doesn't even matter
I had to fall
To lose it all
But in the end
It doesn't even matter

I've put my trust in you
Pushed as far as I can go
And for all this
There's only one thing you should know

Meaning: Sometimes we pushed ourselves too hard only to find ourselves losing time to things that doesn't really matter, if you are gonna look at Chester he looks like trash but he was fighting for something, he was fighting for the meaning of life and his struggles...Yes we may think we have time in our hands but the truth is we are not the one in control...so we live the most of every ticking second, SMILE :-) MISS YOU CHUNNIE!!!!